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Personalised acrylic block in top quality
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  • Brilliant environmentally friendly photo printing
  • Crystal-clear acrylic glass block
  • Vibrant photo printing
  • Exciting reflections from every angle
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High quality photo printing

High-Quality Photo Printing

We make your photo gifts with the most up-to-date printing technology at our plant in Cologne. Due to perfectly attuned processes, your photos shine in full lustre on most diverse materials. Lively colours and highest sharpness of detail are guaranteed.

Selected Material

Selected Material

For our photo gifts we use selected material in excellent processing mode. In order to ensure for you the best possible photo print, we pay attention to the first-class quality of all articles.With your photos we turn every product into an individual single-item

Insured dispatch

Insured Dispatch

All articles are dispatched only after quality control. Your photo gifts come to you on time and safely, being packed in special cardboard boxes. We send each order as insured package, in order to protect your photo products from damage during transportation.

Crystal clear acrylic block in four forms

Photo on acrylblock

25mm thick crystal clear acrylic will make your photo the highlight of your interior design. Thanks to its incredible strength, your acrylic block is unbreakable and is completely stable even without any support. The highly polished edges add the finishing touch to your image.

Your photo acrylic block is available in four decorative sizes. Your image as a modern design object is guaranteed to impress, whether as a 10x10cm or 20x20cm square or in a portrait or landscape format in 15x10cm or 20x15cm. It is the perfect size to decorate a table or windowsill.

High resolution photo printing in lab quality

Photo of kid on acrylblock

Your photo will have the highest possible lab-quality sharpness as a digital print. Our modern 12-colour printing creates a huge range of colour with detailed shading. This makes your photo even sharper and its colours even more brilliant. Your image will shine behind the finest acrylic.

Your photo will be immortalised professionally behind acrylic by hand, and your digital photo print will be carefully applied and laminated with the utmost precision. A gleaming white protective foil will seal the back of your acrylic block.

Unique photo reflection from all sides

Woman and dog on acrylblock

The effect of depth in your photo will look incredible behind acrylic, thanks to its 25mm thickness. The polished edges of the acrylic block create fascinating reflections of your photo that can be seen from every side. Your image is sure to grab everyone’s attention with its gorgeous colours and sharpness.

Decorate tables, windowsills and other surfaces with your acrylic block so you see the exciting photo reflections from new angles, which makes your photo move and come alive. But most importantly: it’s great fun to see your picture from any angle! And that’s just what a picture is for.

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2017-06-11. At Trusted Shops our customers rate with 4.75 stars from 5, based upon 15805 ratings, of which 10512 have been posted in the last 12 months. Start designing your Acrylic Photo Block now!

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