Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Where can I redeem my voucher?

You can redeem your voucher code directly in the shopping basket. For this, please give your code in the field provided and click on "Redeem".

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What do I if my voucher doesn't work?

Please check whether you have entered the code correctly. If your voucher has a minimum order value or a time limit, please ensure that these are currently applicable. Information about this is available on your voucher if necessary. If all data is correct and your voucher still does not work, please contact our customer service.

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Can I also redeem my voucher once I've already placed my order?

Subsequent consideration of vouchers is, unfortunately, basically not possible.

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What happens if I don't completely use up my voucher?

If you only use a partial amount of your voucher, the residual amount expires automatically.

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Can I use several vouchers for one order?

It is not possible to combine special offers and vouchers. Only one offer or voucher may be used per order. Please note that free shipping for orders over a certain price is considered to be a special offer.

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