Wall Decorations: An Overview

From canvas to premium print
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An expressive portrait, a detailed landscape photograph or an especially successful snapshot from your most recent holiday are all worthy of a place on your wall. If your favourite photo is to become an eye-catching feature then it needs proper backing material and perhaps a frame as well. We’ll show you some fantastic ways to bring your photos into the limelight.

Photo Posters: Simple and Straightforward

Do you have a particularly fine snapshot of yourself and your best friend, or a holiday photo that you‘d like to look at every day? Make these images into posters and they can be wonderfully decorative additions to your wall. You can also design your own collage, or use a template to make one, and then have your photograph printed as a poster. The great thing about posters is that they’re comparatively inexpensive and also quick and easy to replace whenever you have a new favourite theme. Also, posters can easily be fixed to your wall using poster strips. If you want to make your snapshot even more special, you could always choose an attractive frame to match.

Photo posters are an inexpensive and simple choice when it comes to wall decorations

Photo posters are an inexpensive and simple choice when it comes to wall decorations

Photo Canvas: Attractive and Artistic

A photo that’s printed on canvas looks great, thanks to luminous colours, well-balanced contrasts and outstandingly sharp focus. The canvas makes the theme stand out more, as if you could reach out and touch it. This is how a simple picture becomes a valuable work of art. The great thing about canvas is that it’s very resistant to fading, and it’s not reflective – you can hang your picture on any wall, without having to worry about where the light is coming from.

Your photo on canvas will blend in with any style of décor, and it is very affordable, even in a larger size

A photo on canvas blends in with any style of decor and is very affordable even in a larger size

As far as the design is concerned, you have various options to choose from. If you’re looking for a classical art canvas, you should choose a folded edge. We stretch all our canvases on a solid wood frame, and if you want to add an extra frame to your canvas you can choose one of our shadow gap frames. Your canvas is so versatile that it makes a perfect foundation for displaying everything from portraits to animal pictures and landscape scenes. Your photos could also be made into a collage to form an attractive wall display that will make a powerful impact in any room.

Framed Photos with Mount: Traditional and Effective

A beautiful picture frame will enhance your favourite photo and draw attention to the image. We’ll prepare a digital photo print of your image in whatever size you select. The result will bring joy to all with its superbly sharp resolution and luminous colours. You can choose a suitable frame to go with the image when you’re placing your order for the print. We offer you a wide range of colours and styles to choose from. You might like silver, black or white, or perhaps a frame in a wooden hue such as walnut or rosewood: whatever your preference, you’ll find something in our range. We frame your photo by hand and put it behind a sheet of acrylic glass to upgrade the final picture.

Everything is done by hand – we will mount and frame your photo with great care

Everything is done by hand – we mount and frame your photo with great care

A mount surrounding your photo draws the eye towards the picture inside and sets it off in an attractive way. We use high-quality, museum-standard cardboard with an angled cut because this gives the appearance of greater depth. If you want to frame a striking architectural image or other fine photographic work, the mount will give the image a highly professional look.

Photos behind Acrylic Glass: Glossy and Elegant

If you want to adorn your wall with a large-format landscape photograph, an underwater image, a night-time shot or even a black-and-white photograph, we recommend putting your photograph behind acrylic glass. Placing it behind acrylic glass will enhance the intensity of the colours and the impression of depth in your picture – making water, for example, look especially realistic. We use a 12-colour printing process to produce subtle colour shading and optimal resolution.

Brilliant colours and super-sharp resolution – acrylic photos are premium prints

Brilliant colours and super-sharp resolution – acrylic photos are premium prints

The next step is covering your digital print very carefully with the acrylic glass, and then your picture is ready for delivery to your home. You’re sure to be very happy with the borderless design, giving your picture more breadth, while a distinctive impression of depth is provided by the acrylic glass surface. If you choose a large-format picture with an acrylic layer, you can also have it reinforced with an aluminium backing sheet. This makes your picture stronger and ensures that the layer of acrylic glass stays flat, even if you choose a larger size. There’s nothing more elegant than acrylic glass with aluminium.

Photos on Aluminium Composite: Very Glossy and Wonderfully Detailed

The aluminium composite is made of two very thin aluminium plates and a strong plastic core – this makes it both light and strong. First we print your photo using our professional, laboratory-standard 12-colour printing process, then we lay it onto the aluminium composite panel.

Your high-gloss photo on Aluminium will certainly attract attention

Your high-gloss photo on aluminium is sure to attract attention

Your picture is protected from dirt, sunlight and air humidity by a UV film. The film offers protection but it also has an aesthetic effect: it makes your picture sharper, with an elegant sheen. The two aluminium plates ensure that your picture has an attractive, silvery gleam along the precisely cut edges and this makes your photo a very impressive, decorative item.

Photos on Premium Photo Board: Featherlight and Matte

If you opt for a print on premium photo board, it will have a matte finish, which is especially fitting for landscapes and panorama photographs because the extremely sharp resolution pulls details into the foreground and makes the image look superbly realistic. We lay your photo onto a 5mm-thick hardfoam plate and then add a protective matte laminate on top.

Forex prints are incredibly light and the matt photo paper guarantees laboratory-standard photo production

Photo board prints are incredibly light and the matte photo paper guarantees laboratory-standard photo reproduction

The biggest advantage of a print on premium photo board is that it’s very light, even in larger formats. Its low weight means that you can hang your picture up anywhere, even on non-load-bearing or tiled walls or in outdoor areas. Your photo on photo board can be attached to the wall with stick-on picture hooks or just a simple nail. Your elegantly slim photo board picture really is a premium product!

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