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Decorate your hallway the right way
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Where does the first impression of an apartment arise? Mostly from the hallway. Moreover, what do your guests see there? Hopefully no junk room! If you want to improve the first impression of your apartment, then here we have some helpful tips for you. This way you can transform your hallway into a stylish picture gallery...

The hallway is the room in the house or apartment which we enter first. So it’s strange that we often treat it with such neglect. We come home and there’s shoes, umbrellas, toys and miscellaneous items everywhere. The coat rack where we hang our jacket is crowded, there’s nowhere to put our keys. But in fact it’s not difficult to keep the hallway tidy, and what’s more it can be decorated in the same style as the rest of our apartment. One great idea for the hallway is to design it as a gallery. We’ll show you how you can decorate your hallway properly and turn it into a real exhibition space in no time.

A tidy house entrance is welcoming – especially if it is nicely decorated.

A tidy house entrance is welcoming – especially if it's nicely decorated

Create a Sense of Order

In those little nooks and crannies in the hallway there’s plenty of storage space which you can use for anything you want. And there are ways to give yourself even more storage space. For example, above the door you can attach a cupboard and stock it with baskets or crates. This will give you some space for your hats and gloves during the summer months.

Trendy: An old box as a shoe closet

Trendy: an old box used as a shoe closet

Definitely get yourself a shoe closet. Your hallway will really see the benefit! If you don’t want to take up too much floor space, get yourself a tall, narrow shoe closet. They’re available in furniture stores for not too much money, and they look good while also freeing up a lot of space. If you’ve got an especially pretty pair of high heels, leave them in a prominent position as decoration!

A pretty, open wardrobe with storage space and a seating area

A pretty, open wardrobe with storage space and a seating area

You should also invest in a wardrobe. It doesn’t need to have the classic clothes rack or hooks. Combine a small bench with a chest of drawers and a narrow wardrobe, or use an open wardrobe. Depending on your budget and available space, you can also go for a built-in wardrobe – as long as everything has its place. The neater your hallway is, the more space your wall art has to fully come into play.

Choose the Right Colours for Your Hallway

A hallway doesn’t have to be simply painted white. You can experiment with colours to suit your mood. Note, however, that the hallway shouldn’t be too colourful if you want to use it as a gallery. Soft, muted colours and a unified colour scheme allow your photos and images to reach their full potential.

Pastel colours in the hallway can have a great influence on the effect of your images

Pastel colours in the hallway can enhance the effect of your images

If you have a very narrow hallway, you should opt for muted white or pastel colours. You can still use colourful accents, for example, to the front of the hallway, or in smaller parts such as an area between two doors.

The Correct Lighting for Your Hallway

Light plays a decisive role in creating a pleasant atmosphere. It should be bright and warm, but not dazzling. It’s best to create different islands of light and work with indirect lighting. The hallway is probably not the place where you work, so you don’t need accent lighting. But it should be bright enough that you can find what you’re looking for just before you leave the house or if you want to show your guests a photo display with images from your last holiday.

Whether that's the right lighting? At least not for a gallery...

The right lighting? Not for a gallery...

Combine, say, a beautiful chandelier with a table lamp and indirect lighting above the wardrobe. To create accents, illuminate different areas of the hallway and put your beautiful gallery effectively in scene.

Long hallways are perfect for a gallery hanging of your photos

Long hallways are perfect as a gallery for your photos

Create Your Personal Gallery

There are two ways to plan your individual gallery: you either decorate your hallway to your taste first and then choose harmonious images, or you choose the images or pictures that you’d like to show off and then design the hallway accordingly.

For architecture photos in black and white, it makes sense to keep the hallway simple and paint the walls in a deep white. Romantic landscapes or family photos will fit particularly well in a pastel-coloured hallway. Think of a concept for the exhibition of your photos: picture frames or canvas? Should all the images be hung on the same wall?

Important for the series hanging: a unifying element – herein the frames

A unifying element is important for any group of photos

Selecting unified picture frames can give a photo series a stronger effect. If you choose contrasting images and photographs, unified frames can be a unifying element. You can still feel free to vary the size. Or you can choose frames made of different materials for your framed photo prints, and arrange them harmoniously. Stylistically, they should still fit together, so stay in the same colour family, and don't decorate plastic with gold. Just stay true to a single style: country house with wood, white and pastel colours, industrial with metal in cool colours or classic with dark wood and gold.

Set Up a Sitting Area

If you’ve created your custom-designed gallery and you have plenty of room in the hallway, you can also set up a small sitting area where you can relax and look at your pictures. A chair, a small table, a reading lamp and of course a couple of style magazines or coffee table books are all essentials here. The books and magazines can be thematically associated with the images on your wall to provide more inspiration.

Clever integration creates order – here: a wardrobe and a closet with a small bench

Clever integration creates order: a wardrobe opposite a small bench

In a hallway that’s been converted into a personal gallery, you can easily relax when you get home. Even your guests will be delighted when they enter your apartment and instead of a junk room they find themselves in an elegant gallery!

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