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Spring is here and you’re planning your major spring clean. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to add a fresh coat of paint to your living room to welcome spring? Get inspired by the exciting colour trends of 2016 and find the best colours for your home!

Black or white? Why not both?

Black and white is one of the most important and flexible colour trends of 2016. Strictly speaking, neither is truly a colour because you won’t find them on the colour wheel. Yet they both immensely affect the ambiance and atmosphere of a room. White conveys a sense of space and purity, black is mysterious and impenetrable, but also very practical in the right combinations.

Black, white and the in-between colour grey provide a wonderful backdrop for colourful accents with their colour neutrality, and can be combined with all colours and patterns. Regardless if you prefer a rustic style, love a hip, urban design or enjoy a classic modern lifestyle.

Black and white is timeless as a neutral base for colourful accents

Black and white is timeless as a neutral base for colourful accents.

Combined with wood, rattan and other natural materials, black and white brings country chic up to date, while strong colour accents in yellow or pink on the walls, or as a statement furniture piece add to a young, urban lifestyle. Black and white will give your flat a demure, yet homely touch in combination with dark wood and subtle patterns.

Walls and furniture can maintain the black and white style as well: black chalkboard paint is a great idea for the work area. You will have a flat black surface that is also practical at the same time. To avoid excessive contrasts, you should use a softer black in tones of grey. Also, instead of a pure white, you should apply a shade such as ivory or eggshell.

Colour-blocking brings life into your home

Colour-blocking is already extremely trendy in the fashion world, and now you can bring the wild colour mix into your flat: strong, bright colours remind us of nature, summer and carefree hours which puts us in a good mood. Blue, yellow, red or green adorn entire walls, dominate a room in the form of statement furniture or breathe new life into interior design.

The fashion trend “colour-blocking” has made its way into our homes

The fashion trend “colour-blocking” has made its way into our homes.

If you love loud colours, you can combine aqua with bright magenta and a luminous yellow and transform your home into a sea of colours. As a general rule, colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel are especially suitable to be combined to make effective contrast and to create a positive atmosphere.

Instead of complementary colours, you can combine colours from the same colour family

Instead of complementary colours, you can combine colours from the same colour family.

If you’re not that brave, you can still have beautiful colour blocking results if you choose different shades from the same colour family. Combine yellow with orange and red and your flat will look wonderfully new and modern. Experiment first with small furniture pieces and accessories such as vases, decorative boxes or pictures to see which colour combinations you like best and which colours just don’t work. Once you’ve made your choice, you can paint your walls or buy your new sofa.

Go blue - but with petrol!

Shades of blue are among the most beautiful living trends of 2016. They bring in a sense of warmth and peace, relax you and help you let go of the stress of everyday life. From aqua to turquoise, ultramarine to cobalt blue, up to cyan - you have a varied palette to choose from when creating your interior design. In combination with white and various shades of green you will give your home a maritime holiday feeling and you will be constantly reminded of the expanse of the sky, fluffy clouds and the glittering sea.

You can relax in your home with blue and white

You can relax in your home with blue and white.

Even if all the shades of blue play an important role this year, one special shade stands out and has asserted itself as its own trend. Petrol is a darker colour nuance from the cyan area, and is also referred to as blue green. The green component can vary greatly however: the more dominant it is, the more refreshing the effect of the elegant petrol. No matter what mix you choose for petrol, this colour is very elegant and looks especially stunning on large surfaces or furniture.

The easiest way to use the new trend colours: your holiday photo as an XXL canvas print

The easiest way to use the new trend colours: your holiday photo as an XXL canvas print

Petrol has an unparalled brightness which should be given space. Therefore, you should keep the furnishings and decorations simple in a petrol coloured room. If you want to break up the cool colour, you can combine it with textiles and accessories in warm colours. Dark, warm shades of brown, orange and burgundy create a pleasant contrast. Classic materials such as brass or wood look especially beautiful together with petrol and add an exquisite, cosy and warm atmosphere to the room at the same time.

Rural charm with pastels

When you think of pastels, do you imagine a nursery or 1950s America? You’re not wrong, but designers and colour experts have reinvented pastels and you can now transform your home into a paradise with soft tones ranging from lilac to mint

The trend is becoming a part of everyday life. It brings us back to our home, where we enjoy the small, but beautiful moments of life with our friends and family, and spend quality time together. This feeling of security, harmony and balance is imparted by pastels. Pastel colours combine beautifully with one another; you can choose one to three colours to decorate your home.

Colourful, yet subtle. Life is balanced with shades of pastels

Colourful, yet subtle. Life is balanced with shades of pastels.

Various pastel shades of purple such as lilac, lavender, and orchid are a delicate combination. These colours, when complemented by white, reach their full effect and radiate the positive qualities of red and blue at the same time: Red is stimulating, blue is calming - a perfect balance!

Rose is also growing in popularity and looks best when combined with grey tones or shades of white. If you want to use rose, but don’t decorate your home completely in a pastel palette, then brown tones are the right choice for you. Choose wooden furniture in dark, warm wood, and combine it with rose coloured pillows, blankets and accessories. You can also avoid the super harmonious pastel effect by using shades with undertones of grey. Your home will look modern, but adult at the same time.

Rose combines wonderfully with dark wooden furnishings

Rose combines wonderfully with dark wooden furnishings.

(Nearly) all that glitters is gold!

And last, but not least, winner of the Colour Trends 2016! Gold ochre is frontrunner among designers and colour experts and is the trendiest tone decorating our rooms this year, and hopefully for many more to come! Gold ochre is an earth tone with a high proportion of yellow, which is far less intense than pure yellow.

You can use gold ochre truly everywhere in your flat without it becoming intrusive or too dominant. Whether you want to paint your walls, or if you’re on the lookout for a beautiful new sofa or sofa cover: with gold ochre you will be completely fashionable and can’t go wrong.

The definite colour trend of the year: gold ochre can be used anywhere

The definite colour trend of the year: gold ochre can be used anywhere.

Gold ochre is able to be combined with various colours. Because it is an earth tone, gold ochre is especially appealing in combination with natural materials such as wood, leather or fur. You can also use linen or stone to create a harmonious overall impression. Textiles, wall colours, furniture and decorative elements in shade of orange, rose or even black and white create a strikingly harmonious balance with the warm gold ochre. This shade is also excellent for lightening up small, somewhat darker rooms and for giving them a welcoming and cosy atmosphere.

Go for it!

No matter which trend you decide on: a new coat of paint and new furniture from time to time are a great way to get creative and make your home your retreat! Experiment and try out interesting colour combinations using accessories, and you’re sure to find your own individual trend! Often large canvas prints in the newest trendy colours work best - it’s simple and effective at the same time. Try it out!

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