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Your living room as a warm winter haven
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In winter it’s often wet, cold and grey. The wind whistles around your ears and after work you just want to get home quickly, to somewhere where it’s warm and you can get comfortable. So it’s precisely at this cold time of the year that you need a cosy retreat, a place where you can leave everything else behind you. Here are a few tips to make that happen.

If you really feel comfortable at home you can nip those winter blues in the bud. Here are a few ways in which you can transform your living room into a comfortable winter haven where you feel totally comfortable and secure.

Warm colours can fight off a bad mood

Colours have an enormous influence on your sense of wellbeing. In winter, when it’s grey and dark outside, you can brighten up your mood straight away with warm, lively colours. Natural tones are the trump card here, and berry shades, ochres, fir tree green or even subdued whites are popular. If your living room walls have needed a lick of paint for a while, now’s the best time to reach for the roller. Even just painting one wall can have a great effect. If you prefer to leave your walls neutral, you can still introduce colour through accessories like blankets, pillows and curtains, or through decorations.

Warm colours can brighten up your mood – even when you already have a warm, cuddly blanket

Warm colours can brighten up your mood – even when you already have a warm, cuddly photo blanket.

Set up a cosy corner for yourself

A bit of furniture can give your living room a new look with minimal effort and a limited budget. In winter you enjoy spending comfy evenings at home. Now you finally have the time again to read an exciting book, listen to good music or watch a decent film. Why not set yourself up a nice reading corner? A comfortable armchair, plus a lamp and a side table with space for books, magazines, a cup of tea and the remote control, is more than enough. As for the materials, you should make sure that they radiate warmth and comfort. Bronze, copper and brass are right on trend and give off a warm glow. Unfinished wood and leather, as well as sheepskins, make things cosy and bring a bit of nature into your home. You can convert an old wooden chest into a stool by covering it with a sheepskin.

In a cosy corner, you can relax and unwind

In a cosy corner, you can relax and unwind.

Get cosy on the sofa

When you come in out of the cold after a long day, there’s nothing better than sliding into your slippers and getting comfy on the sofa. To stay cosy in winter, don’t shy away from adding plenty of different cushions, a fleecy throw and a cosy photo blanket. Velvet and plush are popular in the cold season, but you can also opt for covers and blankets made of chunky knitted wool or fleeces and furs. If you’d prefer to avoid animal products, just choose artificial fur and fleece. A deep-pile rug or several sheepskins can decorate your floor and keep your feet warm, and curtains made of a thick material add additional insulation, ensuring a cosy atmosphere. By the way, felt is a great material to bring more warmth into your living room in winter. No matter whether it’s used for a table runner, slippers or it’s just decorative, felt is natural, retains heat and looks stylish!

Perhaps the most important place in winter: a comfy sofa with soft cushions

Perhaps the most important place in winter: a comfy sofa with soft cushions.

Light up your life

In winter it’s dark in the mornings when you leave the house, and the sun is long gone when you get home in the evenings. That’s why you need to pay attention to getting enough light – and make sure it isn’t blue. Bright light is anything but cosy, so make sure you find suitable light bulbs and tinted lampshades that give off gentle light in a warm tone. A dimmer is an excellent idea for regulating light. Paper lanterns, wooden lights and fairy lights radiate a friendly atmosphere and make wonderful decorations. Of course, you can also work with candles, decorative candle holders or tea lights. Fire means life, and the flickering and crackling of a fireplace can really make you happy in winter. If you don’t have the option to install a real fireplace, a table-top one is a great alternative. You don’t need a vent, because a table-top fireplace runs on ethanol. What’s more, this kind of fireplace saves space and won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

If you don’t have a fireplace, you should make up for it by using candles and lamps to enjoy the golden-yellow light of a fire

If you don’t have a fireplace, get the same golden-yellow light by using candles and lamps

Get inspiration from nature

Often it’s the details that make a home really individual and cosy, and therefore the right decorations for winter are crucial. You can draw your inspiration for autumn and winter from nature, and you have a huge choice of totally natural materials and elements at your disposal. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, you can make effective decorations out of pieces of wood. Chestnuts, acorns and pine cones in a bowl made of wood, stone or brass work perfectly, as do pine cuttings or decorative branches in a floor vase. You can find crockery and beautiful tablecloths with wintery designs, and you can also turn to decorative sculptures to transform your living room into a cosy winter den. Figurines of animals such as deer are very popular right now.

Bring nature into your home and combine it with your decoration

Bring nature into your home and combine it with your decoration

Indulge all your senses

So, you can design your living room to look good with natural colours and feel good with cosy materials, but it doesn’t stop there; you can also make it smell good with pleasant scents. In the wet, cold winter months, your nose will relish scents like vanilla, orange, sandalwood and chocolate. Treat yourself to scented candles or an aroma lamp, and seek out your favourite aroma. You can choose a different scent every day! A warm herbal or fruit tea also exudes a pleasant smell. Decorate your living room table with a pretty teapot warmer that doesn’t just keep hot drinks like tea, coffee or hot chocolate warm, but also acts as a source of light. A bowl with apples, mandarins and nuts is equally decorative and offers you vitamin-filled snacks within easy reach.

A hot tea or a scented candle can take care of pleasant smells and make you feel even cosier

Hot tea or a scented candle can produce pleasant aromas and make you feel even cosier

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