Decorating Small Apartments

How to make your rooms appear larger
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Rents are getting more expensive and rooms, smaller. Nowadays many people have to get by with less space than before, making all the more important to get the best use out of the space you have at hand. With the right pictures on canvas you can make your rooms appear bigger. Here are a few tips for you to make your small apartment feel more spacious.

Just because a small apartment only gives you a limited amount of space, it does not have to feel and look narrow. Already your choice of furniture can help "open up" the look of your apartment in many different ways. Choosing a bright colour for your walls is the first way to make small rooms appear much larger in comparison to darkly painted rooms.

A popular trick to fool our eyes is the clever use of mirrors. Depending on the placement and the way the light falls, a cleverly placed mirror can create the illusion of looking into another room. This trick will enlarge your rooms immediately. The best placement for a mirror is in the hallway with as much natural light as possible.

Clever use of your furniture is crucial to save space. But it is also possible to create space by arranging and decorating carefully. A good tip: Rather than building bookshelves up vertically – have them lying horizontally along the ground! The more space you can create between ceiling and shelf, the higher the ceilings appear. And as for the extra space on your wall above the shelf, here's another tip from us:

This space is ideal for hanging up a big picture to give your apartment more depth. Another option is placing many pictures next to each other so your wall looks wider. It depends entirely on your taste and preferences.

A frameless image opens your motif to the sides, resulting in a more spacious look. Acrylic prints, for example, perfect for this purpose. Due to the slim design of our acrylic products your image does not appear off-set from the wall. It is comparable with a glimpse through a window or into a mirror: the effect is reversed and your image does not appear to be just something hanging in a room, but draws the observer into the image.

Wide landscape shots , when printed on frameless acrylic glass, are especially suited for giving this “widening” effect. Choose motifs with depths – pictures taken from far above, showing the sky, mostly bring this kind of depth we are looking for. Since small rooms and apartments are by nature dark and narrow, a bright picture on the wall will help remedy that.

Dark colours make a room appear narrow

Dark colours make a room appear more narrower

A clever placed mirror can create space

A cleverly placed mirror can create space

Frameless acrylic prints

Frameless pictures taken using a wide lens ensures depth

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