Minimalism: A Living Trend

Make space for a new life
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Minimalism has been growing in popularity as a living choice in recent years. Particularly in urban centres, living space is becoming increasingly scarce, so reduced furnishings are called for. Minimalism can help you not just to create more space in your home, but also to bring clarity and calm into your life!

Clear up with the KonMari method

Japanese lifestyle and tidying expert Marie Kondo has developed a clearing-up method that has found enthusiastic followers around the world. The strategy is: you only keep things that really bring you joy and make you happy. Before you begin your clear-up, you should imagine how your life is going to look afterwards. Visualise your minimalist home, overflowing with space and light. Isn’t it fantastic? The more detailed your imagination of your tidied home is, the easier you will eventually find it to implement the minimalist concept.

At the beginning of your tidying campaign, you should gather your things: books with books, household objects all together, clothes with other clothes, all your paperwork and so on. Everything that doesn’t fill you with joy or isn’t absolutely necessary has to go. You can give objects away, donate them, sell them or dispose of them. Caution: when it comes to paperwork, you should be aware that you are obliged to keep documents for the tax authorities for 10 years.

It’s best to start with things that aren’t so personally important to you (saucepans, tools) and work up to personal items (clothes, books). Stick to the order and finish working on one category before you start on the next. When you’re finished with your clear-out, you’ll already have followed the first principle of minimalism: you finally have space to live, and only possess the absolute essentials. How much that is, exactly, is different for each person!

Concentrate on the essentials

When re-designing your home with a view to implementing a minimalist living concept, you should concentrate on the essentials. Maybe you’ve disposed of old furniture and now want to buy new, functional furniture items. Multifunctional furniture is great: fold-out tables, stools that also contain storage space and extendable shelving units are practical, save space and can be adapted to your needs. In a studio apartment it is particularly important to use the available space sensibly: a shelf as a dividing wall between living and sleeping areas, or a fold-out sofa with built-in storage space, allow for better organisation and room to breathe.

Purist forms and timeless designs ensure clarity

Make sure that the style of the furniture also concentrates on the essentials. Instead of an ornamental look with a lot of chichi, it’s better to go for a more conservative design. That way, the individual pieces of furniture are not the focus, making them more effective. With geometric shapes, you can create clarity and structure through the furniture in your minimalist space. Just take the motto “form follows function” to heart and choose furnishings that prioritise quality and functionality.

Consider a harmonious colour scheme

Colours also play a big role in a minimalist lifestyle. Black and white, as well as different shades of grey and cream, are the staples of minimalist living. You can create emphasis with, for example, colourful pillowcases, a rug or curtains. One brightly-coloured wall is also a good idea. Choose one colour that you don’t want to live without, and integrate it into your lifestyle and colour scheme. Since the minimalist colours alone are neutral, you’ve got free rein: a warm curry shade is just as suitable as an intense turquoise. In minimalism, single-colour surfaces are king, so it’s better to avoid cheerful patterns or unusual prints.

Choose premium materials for long-term quality

Another aspect of minimalism is sustainability. It’s better to choose items of furniture, accessories and decorative objects that are of high quality, instead of opting for cheaper products that you’ll quickly have to replace. In this way, you’ll create a sustainable living space in which you feel comfortable, and which will bring you long-term joy. Alongside timeless designs, premium materials are also a focus. Choose warm, natural woods, ceramics, concrete or even marble. Functional minimalism also uses cool materials like glass and stainless steel. Depending on which furnishing style you choose, select your materials and design your minimalist home exactly to your taste.

Minimalist lifestyles from Sweden to Japan

A lifestyle that’s purist from the house outwards makes it easier for you to design your own living space according to the rules of minimalism. The Bauhaus style is based on renouncing the superfluous. Hallmarks of this style are clear lines and geometric shapes, high functionality and futuristic materials. The Scandinavian living style is becoming more and more popular in Germany. It’s modern and flexible, uncluttered and at the same time very homely. Organic shapes and natural materials are used to ensure that the furnishing doesn’t appear too subdued. The classic Japanese style also manages without any fuss, impressing through its reservedness and simplicity, without being uncomfortable. Wood, paper, straw and ceramics are must-haves for this style, and give off warmth despite the reduction and simplicity.

Don’t forget the personal touch

With all the love in the world for purism and minimalism, your home needs your personal touch, or it will feel like the showroom of a minimalist furniture store. You need to feel comfortable when you get home after a stressful day at work, so give some thought to your decoration. How can you arrange personal keepsakes so that they inspire you, without causing discord in your living style? A display case is a great idea: in one of these, you can collect several objects together, and ensure they have appropriate space. Pictures can also make a minimalist home cosier, but instead of hanging up lots of little photos, you can choose your favourite and let it work as a solo piece. We can frame your favourite photo, or you can turn your photo into Canvas prints, Aluminium prints or place it behind Acrylic glass.

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