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7 tips for artfully hanging your picture
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Do you ever take some time to think about how you’re hanging your pictures? People often miss the opportunity to organise their wall artfully and make it more interesting. Arranging your photos with a bit of thought means you can turn them into a coherent block and grab people’s attention. But beware of creating chaos – this can achieve the opposite effect! Here we present seven popular ways to hang photos which will bring your images into the spotlight.

A Hermitage Wall: the Petersburg Hanging

St. Petersburg is known for its Hermitage, the former residence of the Russian royal family. Nowadays the Hermitage is one of the world’s most important art museums and houses 60,000 exhibits of classical European art. Rembrandt and Rubens rub shoulders with Matisse and Gauguin, while da Vinci and Picasso jostle for attention. The paintings are hung closely together in 350 rooms, sometimes all the way up to the ceiling. In the 1800s, the Russian nobility were inspired by the Hermitage and began to display their wealth in the form of galleries in their own homes. This resulted in the first technique we want to present to you, namely the Petersburg Hanging.

Although the Petersburg Hanging may look chaotic, it follows specific rules

Although the Petersburg Hanging may look chaotic, it follows specific rules

Ordered chaos is key. Despite the fact that there’s no visual axis and the paintings are hung loosely above, beneath and next to each other, there are connecting elements that bring the individual pictures together into one harmonious whole. Make sure that you create links between the images.  For example, choose similar colours and motifs, keep the same spacing between the pictures and ensure they have the same frame or mat. Even if you’re not a very meticulous person, a well-thought-out upper and lower line can provide guidance and brings calmness to your gallery. A picture collection arranged using the Petersburg Hanging technique looks especially beautiful on walls painted white or with a neutral colour.

Stay in Frame: Inside the Lines

The Inside the Lines Hanging is more relaxed, but still harmonious. The technique lies in an imaginary geometric shape, along which you hang your photos.  What shape do you like best? A rectangle, an oval, maybe a parallelogram? Simply hang your pictures along the contours of your favourite shape. If you find it hard to keep to your shape, you can set up a guide shape with the help of tightly stretched cords. This will give you a framework within which you can work.

Imagine a geometric shape on the wall and hang your pictures within it

Imagine a geometric shape on the wall and hang your pictures along its lines

In contrast to the Petersburg Hanging, with this style you don’t need to worry about any connecting elements.  All different kinds of designs, colours, styles and frames can combine without interfering with one another. Start with the largest picture and group the smaller ones around it, and you’ll have a unique and refined image gallery!

On Edge: the Line Hanging

In comparison with the Petersburg Hanging and Inside the Lines, the Line Hanging is much more geometrical and orderly. A centre line is the defining element that ensures clarity. Create a centre line with the help of a cord or artist's tape and hang your favourite photos above and below this line.  Pay attention to the spacing: it needs to be equal, although it can vary horizontally and vertically.

Mark a centre line and hang your pictures along it

Mark a centre line and hang your pictures along it

A gallery of pictures suspended along a line is especially effective if there are also further connecting elements.  What about a gallery in black and white? Maybe you could choose frames in the same colour? You can vary the sizes of the images so that your collection doesn’t seem overly ordered.  The Line Hanging is one of the more traditional forms of hanging and is suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

In Rank and File: the Series Hanging

Everything in one row? Why not! Hanging pictures in a series doesn’t need to be boring as long as you choose meaningful subjects. This subtle technique works both horizontally and vertically. Simply choose a line and hang the pictures above, below or along it.  Make sure that the distances between the images are exactly the same; about 5cm is ideal.

All pictures with the same spacing in a single row - discreet and effective

Pictures in a single row with the same spacing – discreet and effective

This hanging technique lends an especially harmonious effect to your images if you choose frames in the same shape, colour and size, although this isn’t essential.  You can let your creativity run free and really go wild – the imaginary line ensures the end result really comes together!

Birds of a Feather Flock Together: the Grid Hanging

Do you like order and clean lines? Then the strictly geometric Grid Hanging is the right style for you. The clue is in the name: pictures of the same size are hung horizontally and vertically on the wall. To achieve a neat grid effect, make sure that the distances between the individual images are all the same

Pictures of the same size equidistant in a clean grid - a real eye catcher!

Pictures of the same size in a clean grid – a real eye-catcher!

We recommend choosing images that have several connecting elements to best show off the grid look.  Black and white is always a classic, but you can also choose colour photos that all feature the same basic tones. It’s best to use motifs that are similar, and matching frames. To create a perfect grid, choose pictures in 1:1 format and arrange them into a square.

Think Big: Go Solo

You can give your favourite photo, one which looks stunning and gives you an emotional boost, a place of honour on your wall by hanging it on its own. This lets it exert its full effect without any other images detracting from it.

Sometime just a single image is enough - if it is big enough

Sometimes just a single image is enough – if it’s big enough

At our shop you can have your pictures turned into high-quality canvas prints. The choice of format is yours, from a traditional 150 x 100cm to a panoramic 120 x 60cm. Your large solo piece doesn’t need a big room with a high ceiling. Stand-alone pieces can look great in small rooms and even in corners!

Three in One: the Mini-Series

Do you want to display a single, meaningful image? Then a mini-series could be the right choice. An exciting landscape or architectural image can look great when displayed using this technique. A mini-series is a large image that consists of several elements. Triptychs (three-part displays) are very popular, but you can also choose a two, four or five-part series.

A mini-series lets you create a fascinating gallery from a single photograph

A mini-series lets you create a fascinating gallery from a single photograph

You hang the individual elements in a series along a line. These elements can differ in size. For example, in a triptych you can make the middle element wider to make it stand out more. Make sure that you keep the distances between the individual parts short.

Once you’ve decided on your hanging style, you should lay all the pictures out first on the floor and try out which arrangement you like the best before drilling any holes into your wall. Water scales and artist tape will help you make sure everything is at the right level. And if you need nice frames for your gallery, then you can order your framed pictures directly from us!

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