Create Your Own Wall Decorations – Easily

Six creative DIY ideas for your wall
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Perhaps your wall seems plain and boring, but you have no idea what to do with it and you don’t want to spend a lot of money? We present six creative ideas that will bring a fresh feel to your home, and bring more life to your walls!

Individual world map for globetrotters

Is travelling not just one of your hobbies, but a central part of your life? Then collect together all your favourite places and memories right there on your wall! Make your personal world map and use it as a pinboard. Simply take an old pinboard, and cut out each continent with the help of a template. If you love detail, you can of course also cut out the islands you’ve visited.

A place for memories: Your world map pin board made from cork

A place for memories – your world map pinboard made from cork

You can paint the continents, or leave them as they are. Next, attach them with a glue gun to a bigger pinboard, magnetic board or blackboard, and hang this on your wall. Now only the decoration’s missing. Mark the places where you’ve been with pins, small souvenirs, museum entry cards or photos. Now you’ve got all your travels laid out on one board, and you can always enjoy your beautiful memories.

Cork pinboard

Perhaps you like the pinboard idea, but you’re more the social type than a globetrotter? Then you can easily make individual pinboards for to-do lists and reminders out of old wine corks!

Over the next few weeks, collect corks from wine bottles, or ask in the corner shop if they can give you some.

Reminders of lovely evenings: The DIY pin board made from wine corks

Reminders of lovely evenings – the DIY pinboard made from wine corks

Boil the corks before you get to work, to get rid of any unpleasant smells. Next, cut them in two lengthwise and arrange them either in a straight line or in a pattern – on an MDF board, maybe. If you’re planning to make a picture with corks, lay them out first to sketch your idea. Then stick each cork to the backing with a glue gun, and you’ll have an original pinboard for your hall, kitchen or office.

Photo gallery with a fishing net

The last holiday’s long gone and the next one’s not yet in sight. Do you find yourself looking at your photos from the last beach holiday and longing for sun, sea and relaxation? To make the days easier until it’s time to travel again, you can easily create your own holiday photo gallery. Simply find a fishing net and attach it to your wall.

Your most beautiful holiday photos as maritime decoration – easy and great value with a fishnet

Your most beautiful holiday photos as maritime decoration – easy and great value with a fishing net

You won’t need a drill to hang it up. Up to a certain size, the nets are very light, and a couple of nails will be enough to put one up. Take small wooden clothes pegs and arrange your beach holiday photos according to your desire and mood. If you like, you can enhance your photo gallery with small pieces of driftwood, mussel shells, starfish and small sponges.

Paper wall decoration

Paper is never in short supply, and you're sure to have a mountain of old paper at home – or books that you’ll never pick up again. Before you throw that paper away, think about whether you can recycle it yourself! Wall rosettes are a great idea – easy to make, yet incredibly effective.

Roll old book pages into funnels and stick them together to make rosettes – simple and beautiful

Roll old book pages into funnels and stick them together to make rosettes – simple and beautiful

Rip some pages out of a book and roll then into funnels. Fasten the edges with a little glue. When you’ve made enough funnels, glue them together. Above a certain size, it’s recommended to fasten the rosettes to a circular backing – a piece of cardboard, for example. Now you can decorate your wall with them, and give your room a whole new atmosphere! The paper rosettes lend themselves particularly well to a one-colour wall and make a wonderful complement to a country-house, vintage or shabby-chic look.

Plates on the wall

Want to pep up your wall and transform your room in no time at all? Then try plates on the wall! Popular in the past, now the trend’s come back in a new form – often with unusual and modern motifs.

Whether from grandma, or completely modern – plates look great between canvases

Whether from your grandma or completely modern, plates look great between canvases

Maybe you still have some pretty porcelain your grandma gave you at home, or you’ve taken a trip to the car boot sale. Even in small gift shops, you can find wonderfully beautiful modern plate designs that will give your walls a facelift. Choose plates of various sizes and colours, and combine the arrangement with beautiful framed photos and mirrors.

Wall art with decorating tape

Decorating tape is currently one of the hottest trends in wall design. Using tape in various colours, you can let your imagination run wild and give your wall a completely new look. Perhaps you‘d like to design a modern black-and-white photo gallery? Choose some photos in portrait and some in landscape. Instead of framing them, simply attach them with brightly coloured decorating tape to your wall. This way, you can save yourself having to drill holes.

It depends on the frames - make sure you pick a specific material

A different kind of frame: photo prints stuck to the wall with decorating tape

Another great idea is to create images with tape on the wall. Stick your own forest on the living room wall, or a New York skyline above your bed. The tape is easy to remove, so you can always think up new ideas!

Combine your DIY wall art with great pictures

With these creative ideas, you can turn your wall into a work of art in no time at all. At, you can find a wide range of picture frames, and you can also print your photos on aluminium or canvas. Complement your DIY wall gallery with your favourite pictures, and make your decor even more individual.

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