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6 trends from cork to metallic mix
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New year, new happiness: the same is true for the decoration of your home. 2017 will bring many exciting trends in home decoration, some of which are already proving themselves to be important. Allow us to introduce six of the most interesting upcoming decorative trends in 2017. They will be an inspiration to you!

1. Terracotta radiates warmth

With its restrained colour scheme and clean surfaces, the minimalist style of living has been and remains in vogue. Nevertheless, do you long for a short break from the world of reduction, and a trip to more cosiness? You're not alone! Many people feel the need to put more warmth and cosiness into their homes. Therefore, one of the hottest decorative trends predicted for 2017 is the material of terracotta.

Bowls, cups, pots: terracotta is particularly in trend on the dining table

Bowls, cups, pots: terracotta is particularly in trend on the dining table.

The word terracotta refers to unglazed ceramic products. The colour terracotta is a natural, warm, earthy tone with a relatively high proportion of red. Whether as a wall covering, flooring, or in the form of accessories such as flower pots, jugs and bowls, matte terracotta conveys warmth and a Mediterranean lifestyle. If you don't want new to re-tile your floor, and a wallcovering is too expensive, then you can paint one wall in a terracotta colour, and pick out one decorative element made from terracotta.

2. Let the corks pop!

When you think of cork, do you think of wine, or the pin board in your office? This natural material is by no means limited to these applications! The bark of the cork oak has much more to offer. In Portugal, which is known as the world's largest cork producer, different cork products have long been produced, and in 2017 they can also make your apartment more lively and natural with cork. In addition to a beautiful look, the material brings further advantages: cork is a natural and renewable raw material, hydrophobic (water repellent), very elastic, almost inflammable and acts as an insulator and sound-absorber.

Stylish and modern: A lampshade made from wine corks

Stylish and modern: A lampshade made from wine corks.

You can choose between cork tiles, and prefabricated parquet cork. Due to its water repellence, cork can also be used outdoors and even in the bathroom! You can keep the cork look, but you don't have to. There are tiles with different colours and looks, so your cork floor can also look like a wooden, concrete or stone one, should you so desire. Even eco-friendly cork furniture is gaining popularity in 2017. From coffee tables to stools, lampshades or vases there is a range of furniture and accessories available to choose from.

3. Dark green walls, furniture and accessories

Green is one of the top favourites in colour trends for 2017. Dark green is represented in various shades, and enriches your home with a special touch. It's up to you whether you opt for a dark green wall, carpet or curtains. Emerald green also looks exquisite, and exudes an irresistible vintage charm when combined with antiques. A green velvet sofa is even more effective if you combine a lamp with brass base and delicate coffee table. Leather and wood finishes also become more elegant and distinctive in combination with dark green. In every use, the colour creates a cosy, homely atmosphere.

A dark green velvet cover for the sofa combines well with wood and brass

A dark green velvet cover for the sofa combines well with wood and brass.

If you want to give a room more depth, you can paint the walls dark green and choose illuminating colours such as red and yellow for the furniture and accessories. Earth tones and furniture made of untreated wood, sheep-skins and other natural materials combine well with green elements. This way you can keep, for example, a Scandinavian style, but create even more ease and comfort with rich colours; a photo canvas with green motif, for example!

4. Decorate your home with precious metals

In 2016, copper and brass were all the rage, and the metallic look is also indispensable in the nation's homes in 2017. However, what's new is the mix, which is now mandatory. Instead of choosing between copper and brass, you can easily get hold of decorative elements made from both metals. Even gold and silver are coming back, and look fresh and modern in a skilful metallic mix. A silver tray and a brass chandelier, a golden candlestick and a copper shell form a tasteful ensemble which shows off your sense of style.

Ancient metal accessories are a great highlight of your decor

Ancient metal accessories are a great highlight of your decor.

Simply grab antiques and souvenirs from the flea market, and arrange them together with ultra-modern design objects. Your creativity knows no bounds; however, you should make sure that it does not become restless. Better to select a few choice items that you place scenically in a special place.

5. Succulents are the new stars

The houseplant had already regained its status as an indispensable decoration element last year. The Monstera is particularly popular, and is very good for keeping in homes due to its modesty. However, the official favourites of 2017 are succulents in all variations. It's not just the Instagram boom that's responsible for the triumph of cacti and the like. Their interesting to bizarre appearances, and the fact that succulents are very easy to clean has helped earn them first place on the podium. Whether Agave or Aloe, Aizoaceae or Amaryllis, succulents need nothing but sun and an occasional glass of water, and they still look enchanting.

Easy-care houseplants: Put green back into 2017 thanks to succulents

Easy-care houseplants: Put green back into 2017 thanks to succulents.

Succulents can also be multiplied easily. You just need an offshoot (sometimes even only one leaf), a little cactus substrate, light, water and some love. This way you can grow a whole succulent garden! The plants look particularly impressive when you arrange them in small groups. Plants are ideal for a wall shelf or windowsill, but are also excellent in wall boxes or as part of vivid murals.

6. Give new life to old objects

In the DIY scene, upcycling has been practiced for a long time. 2017 puts evermore focus on the appreciation of furniture. Instead of simply throwing away old and damaged items, you can think about how they can be repaired or repurposed. There are many ways of upcycling. Do you still like your old sofa? Instead of buying a new, larger sofa, simply cover the old one and arrange a seating group with armchairs and stools.

Keyword upcycling: You can easily make new furniture from old crates and pallets

Keyword upcycling: You can easily make new furniture from old crates and pallets.

Instead of buying a bookcase, you can build one yourself with old fruit boxes and customise it exactly to your needs: shape, layout and colour are yours alone to choose. This way, you avoid waste and save money at the same time. If you have two left hands, you can still follow this great trend by shopping at retailers and furniture manufacturers who specialise in upcycling. From palette furniture to sofas embedded in barrels, there are many exciting pieces of furniture and decorative objects. Take a look around, and choose one of the many great one-offs!

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