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Living decorations for your home
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Whether they’re in a bouquet or in a greenhouse, flowers are a beautiful type of decoration that let you bring a little bit of summer meadow or tropical jungle directly into your own home. Whether you prefer hydrangeas, roses, lilies or orchids, our ideas will help you create your own paradise using flowers!

How to arrange cut flowers in the best possible way

A bouquet instantly brings more life and joy to your apartment. You can arrange a large bouquet in a prominent place or, if you prefer a casual approach, several small bouquets in various corner spots. A little tip: cut the stem immediately when you get home after buying the flowers and put them in water. You’ll need to wait 30 minutes before you can start the arrangement. You can also cut a cross into the stem of flowers that are particularly thirsty, letting them absorb even more water.

Cut the stems immediately when you get home so your flowers will last longer.

Cut the stems immediately when you get home so your flowers will last longer

You can choose a classical vase for your arrangement. There’s a wide choice of colours, shapes and materials available and you’ll definitely find one to your liking. However, if you find vases boring, there are many other options. An old beer stein or an enamelled milk churn from a flea market will work perfectly. Bottles have been popular for a while now – simply remove the labels from the wine and water bottles from your last party and you can use them as vases for single long-stemmed flowers. Bowls are also great for flower arrangements. Get some dianthus flowers in different colours, fill bowls with water and put the flower heads into the filled bowls.

Are vases too boring? With bottles and cups you can join the trend.

Find vases too boring? Bottles and cups are right on trend

Do you already have a greenhouse?

Maybe the only greenhouses you know are from the garden or commercial growers, but now there are also small greenhouses for your apartment. Made from metal, wood and glass, they look attractive and modern and can be used for far more than just herbs. Take the opportunity to recreate a mini garden over and over again. How about a Mediterranean landscape? Pick some lavender, rosemary, basil and sage and add some stones, small pieces of driftwood and mussel shells to make a little Mediterranean garden. If you prefer things more tropical, you can choose mini orchids and ferns. They live happily together and will create a beautiful scene.

Mini greenhouses for your apartment are perfect for herbs or a landscape full of flowers.

Mini greenhouses for your apartment are perfect for herbs or flowers

If you don’t have much time to care for your garden and would like something low-maintenance, you could also use moss. The deep green will look beautiful in your greenhouse and won’t require any care. If you’re on a tighter budget or prefer a more original greenhouse, you could also easily build your own. Try using a pretty cake plate and a glass cover. Into this improvised greenhouse you can put some lilacs and peonies in small water glasses, for example, and loosely arrange small individual flowers on the plate.

There is an easy-care option: mosses and cactuses provide beautiful landscapes

There is a low-maintenance option: mosses and cactuses provide beautiful landscapes

Learn the Japanese art of flower arrangement

If you fancy focusing more on the art of flower arrangement and would like to add a minimalist Asian touch to your apartment, Ikebana could be exactly what you’re looking for. Originally this Japanese art form served as a way to allow nature to enter your living room and at the same time create cosmic order: you show your relationship to nature in the arrangement, but also freely express your emotions. Ikebana always uses flowers that are in season, and tries to harmonically combine structure, rhythm and colour – these three factors are especially important. Besides the blossoms, stems and leaves, branches and vases also play a significant role.

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, literally means ‚giving life to flowers‘

Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, literally means "giving life to flowers"

Your new housemates are Olive, Lavender and Agave

The art of Ikebana is very meditative, and offers – in addition to a pretty end product – a great way to spend your time. If you really want to learn the art of Ikebana, you can even take classes! Of course, it’s not necessary to make a science of it. Simply buy some small metal flower-arranging trays and choose the branches of your favourite flowers. It doesn’t matter whether you pick branches from lilies, callas, primroses or cherry blossoms – everything is allowed! Arrange the flowers and branches on the plant tray/holder to your own liking and create the perfect setting for your pieces of art in beautiful vases or bowls.

Arrange your plants in interesting vases the traditional way

Arrange your plants in interesting vases the traditional way

Why houseplants are back in fashion

Indoor plants were for a long time considered to be bourgeois and were also associated with dusty rooms at the tax office rather than a cosy home. However, in the last year indoor plants have undergone a strong revival. One of the reasons for this is the beneficial effects of plants: they improve the indoor atmosphere and boost well-being. If you have the space available, you can truly go wild and turn your living room into a jungle! Take some ferns, palms and taro and combine these green plants with colourful flowers that will enhance the tropical atmosphere. The Swiss cheese plant is very popular, as it’s especially easy to care for and maintain. However, the clusia plant is also well-suited to living rooms as it is doesn’t need direct sunlight and can live comfortably in the half-shade.

Combine palms and fern with colourful flowers to create a perfect atmosphere.

Combine palms and fern with colourful flowers to create a perfect atmosphere.

The snake plant and the flamingo flower are other plants you can use to freshen up your apartment. If you like the bohemian look, you can take cactus, succulents and agave and arrange these in earth-coloured pots. For fans of a Mediterranean mood, we’d recommend a small olive tree – perfect for the balcony. Whichever indoor plant you choose, combine it with cut flowers or other flower arrangements to add a skilful touch of colour.

Try out different colour schemes of potted plans and cut flowers.

Flowers on the windowsill, on the walls and on the sofa!

Maybe you don’t really have green fingers but you still like the idea of some colourful decorations with flowers. No worries, you don’t have to have real plants in your apartment to enjoy the charm of orchids, roses and the rest. Flower prints have been in fashion for a while and keep appearing all over the place. Whether they’re on tapestries, curtains or pillowcases, there’s a great selection of colours and themes available to suit any interior. If you like the vintage country-home style, we recommend soft prints with scattered flowers, pink roses or white flowers. Pick some semi-transparent white curtains with a scattered flower print and lend accents to your sofa with some new pillowcases.

Decorate in an easy and individual way by using pillowcases with pictured flower patterns

Individual decoration made easy – pillowcases with pictured flower patterns

You can also let print your favourite flower pattern onto a pillow – a great way to personalise your apartment even more! Another great idea is cups with flower patterns: choose some lovely pictures and let us print them onto ceramic mugs for you! If you’d like to create a tropical atmosphere, you can decorate one wall with leaf and flower-patterned wallpaper. If you want to avoid your decor becoming too colourful and overwhelming, it’s advisable to focus on just one style and one colour scheme. Put particular focus on highlights, as often less is more.

Add some colour to your everyday-life: colourful flower patterned cups

Add some colour to your everyday life: colourful flower-patterned cups

Find the appropriate frame for your flowers

Last but not least, we’d like to show you another way of decorating with flowers. Images of flowers capture the atmosphere of nature very well and immediately make your room look more individual and comfy. There are many art prints available with flower motifs, but you can also get active: take a trip to the countryside and start a photo safari. Take pictures of magnolias, colourful meadows in the summer, fields full of lavender or tropical flowers on your next holiday. You can also transform your garden into a photo studio and take pictures of your carefully nurtured roses. With you can then order prints of your pictures in any size you choose, as canvas, photo board or acrylic prints. You’ll soon be able to decorate your living room with your new prints! Decorating with flowers gives you endless opportunities and lets your imagination roam free. Just get started and turn your ideas into reality!

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