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8 ideas for a cosy Christmas
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The scent of cookies and mulled wine wafting through the air, pre-Christmas music softly playing while you wrap those first Christmas presents, already looking forward to Christmas Eve. To make the countdown to Christmas even more enjoyable, you should arrange some beautiful Christmas decoration in your apartment.

1. Angels, stars and holly are mainstays

You’ll have to take advantage of those holiday favourites to feel the magic of Christmas. Stars and snowflakes, Christmas trees and pinecones, reindeer and snowmen, angels and Santa Claus, gingerbread men: they all contribute to that pre-Christmas feel and will transport you back to your childhood. Back when you impatiently counted the days down to Christmas, the day Santa finally arrived and you were allowed to unwrap your gifts. This type of decoration lets you return to this feeling and recreate your childhood Christmas with your family.

Use traditional motifs like angels or stars in your decoration

Use traditional motifs like angels or stars in your decoration.

2. Red, green, gold and white colours

Red, green, white and gold are classic colours that adorn rooms all around the country during Christmas. However, you can definitely let your creativity run free and try out new combinations. Petrol blue is currently very popular and is very Christmassy in combination with brass or even silver. You can choose a warm red as a base and combine it with spice tones like curry red. Cotton white can be easily combined with different colours and is reminiscent of that snow everyone dreams of for Christmas.

Want something new? Instead of red, green and gold, petrol blue with white and silver is very stylish

Want something new? Instead of red, green and gold, petrol blue with white and silver is very stylish.

3. Natural materials from straw to wood

In recent years there has been a trend towards natural materials in home furnishings, and this includes Christmas decorations. Wool and felt are comfortable and radiate warmth and comfort, just like wood and straw. When buying your Christmas decoration, choose natural materials and combine them with one another. You can also use materials from nature if you want to craft your own Christmas decorations. Just take a walk in a forest and pick up branches, pine needles and pine cones. You’ll soon acquire a stock of design materials to build amazing and unique Christmas decorations.

You can use small branches for natural Christmas decorations

You can use small branches for natural Christmas decorations.

4. New trends: from Scandinavian chic to pastels

If you like traditional Christmas decorations of fine porcelain in Christmas colours and golden balls, but want to try something new, you should try out some of the latest trends. Understated Scandinavian chic is starting to appear in more and more flats and houses. To capture that Nordic Christmas charm you can decorate with stars made of straw with decorative elements of untreated wood, or other elements in an off-white colour. This style can also be excellently combined with Mediterranean colours and items. For example, you can decorate with olives instead of pine branches. Another fashionable Christmas trend is to decorate with pastel colours: ornaments, candles and other decorative elements in various pastel colours like lilac, rose and mint green create a friendly and festive atmosphere. You can use white or grey as a base to make sure it doesn’t become too colourful. Children, teenagers and the young at heart will enjoy this unusual trend and its dinosaur, cupcake and superhero ornaments.

Very trendy: pastel Christmas decorations and beautiful ornaments

Very trendy: pastel Christmas decorations and beautiful ornaments.

5. Green Christmas with beautiful plants

Plants and gifts from nature should never be missing from your Christmas decoration. Of course you can always use a poinsettia in red or white. However, amaryllis is also a very popular plant at Christmas time. Greenery and moss can be made into a wreath, and Barbarazweige look stunning in high vases. Barbarazweige are a German tradition, and are fruit tree branches such as cherry or apple, which are cut on December 4th and placed in a vase in the hopes that they flower. Put the branches into warm water near your heater so that they can surprise you with flowers for Christmas. Another beautiful tradition is to hang mistletoe: it is said that couples who kiss under mistletoe will stay together forever.

Mistletoe above the door is not only decorative, but also advantageous for couples

Mistletoe above the door is not only decorative, but also advantageous for couples.

6. Only 24 days left - ideas for your Advent calendar

Although earlier there was chocolate behind every Advent calendar door, nowadays you can find calendars with all kinds of unusual items. Advent calendars for wine lovers are just as available as calendars that give you a new type of tea every day. Behind the doors of some calendars you’ll find liquorice, others have various spices. If you would like to make your own Advent calendar yourself, there is no limit to your creativity: from small brown bags to jam jars, tiny burlap bags to small boxes, you can create your own unique calendar in no time. An Advent calendar with vouchers is a great idea: order a premium photo box with 25 photos from our shop. It’s a great new use for one of our most popular personalised photo gifts. You use the first photo as the cover, and write the favours you are giving on the backs of the others. A delicious dinner, a day at the cinema, ice skating - all of these will make your Advent calendar a huge hit!

An Advent calendar you’ll still like to look at after Christmas - your photo box

An Advent calendar you’ll still like to look at after Christmas - your photo box.

7. First one candle, then two, then three, then four: tips for your Advent wreath

You can either buy a very traditional or fancy Advent wreath, or you can get inspired and create your own individual wreath. You can decide if you want to follow a more traditional wreath look with straw, pine branches, floral wire and candles, or if you’d prefer to try something new. A star-shaped wreath is a wonderful alternative. Another great idea, and one that is easy to do, is to set up a beautiful porcelain tray with altar candles, Christmas ornaments, pinecones and nuts. A hanging Christmas wreath is a real eye-catcher and adds to the atmosphere at your Christmas table. And if you aren’t that keen on pine branches, you can also work with sage, eucalyptus or olive branches.

It doesn’t always have to be pine - get creative and build your own wreath

It doesn’t always have to be pine - get creative and build your own wreath.

8. See the forest for the trees - alternative to pine

A Christmas tree is indeed very pretty, but it’s also a lot of effort and takes up a lot of space. Having a Christmas tree can be especially problematic in rather small spaces. Luckily, there are alternatives which work just as well! If you have any large house plants you can decorate them with beautiful ornaments and chains. Or else a floor vase with decorative branches can also be a great Christmas tree replacement. DIY fans can grab wood or planks and build a unique tree, which you can then decorate with fairy lights and garlands. Japanese Washi tape will make an especially original tree: simply tape your personal Christmas tree on the wall in your favourite colour. Small nails around the Washi tree will hold up your ornaments and lights.

No space for a tree? Decorate a houseplant!

No space for a tree? Decorate a houseplant!

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