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Six interior design ideas with textiles
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You’d like to decorate your apartment in a warm and personal style? Then you should definitely use textiles. By using different materials you bring color and life into your home and create a cozy atmosphere. We show you how to give your apartment a trendy and individual look with photo textiles.

Cozy Pillows

Pillows are a great accessory when it comes to decorating your living room. You can breathe life into an old sofa, set up a comfy reading corner, or decorate a wide window sill. You can have your favorite photo printed onto a pillowcase - animal designs are especially popular at the moment.

You love cats and can’t live without them in your life? Then get those balls of fluff into your apartment! No need to worry about cat allergies with a cat on the pillow! If you spent your last vacation at a farm and took beautiful pictures of the animals, you can expand your animal paradise with other pets and farm animals. Choose different designs and print them on a pillow - you’ll have a private zoo in your living room.

Modern and exotic: Cushion covers with animal designs

Modern and exotic: Cushion covers with animal designs

At you have the ability to print the design of your choice onto a pillow. A pillow like this also makes a great gift! Visit our website and learn more about our photo cushions. We deliver your individual pillow in a very short time.

Cuddly blankets and bed sheets

You can also print onto blankets and bed sheets, or simply find a set with a design that you love in your favorite interior design shop. There is considerably more space on a blanket or on bedsheets so they are wonderfully suited for bigger and more detailed images.

How about a shot of your last walk in the forest? Are you dreaming of a sun-filled vacation at the sea? Select a beach design and you can return to your last vacation in the blink of an eye. Or do you prefer something more romantic? Then choose floral prints in different colors, which suit apartments decorated in a country style especially well and bring the look together.

Romantic, cozy, cuddly - floral designs on bed sheets

Romantic, cozy, cuddly - floral designs on bed sheets

If you are longing for your own Thousand and One Nights, choose a Middle Eastern design and follow in the footsteps of Scheherazade. Earth tones bring a feeling of calm, suitable for the design of your bedroom. Or bring home a bit of Africa and choose designs with giraffes, elephants, and zebras. Let your creativity run free!

Curtains are open? Shut them!

Curtains with photo prints are also very trendy at the moment and give your home a very urban and modern touch. Why not enjoy the skyline of New York at night when your curtains are shut? The design is also excellent in black and white.

If you prefer a more rustic design, you can also choose a photo that conveys a rougher texture: bricks, wood, or even concrete are especially interesting as a photo print and give your apartment a truly individual touch.

You can give your rooms a very specific look quickly with curtains.

You can give your rooms a very specific look quickly with curtains.

You can also rely on floral prints on your curtains to lend a particularly authentic look to your country-style apartment. Bold decorators love to use eye-catching tropical designs: jungle prints in rich shades of green and other bright colors are always fashionable. Hibiscus, orchids, ferns and palms make your curtains look stunning.

Add some houseplants to your new textiles. Potted plants are once again in the spotlight! Flowering plants, sansevieria, and flamingo flowers are enjoying a comeback, are easy to care for, and will quickly transform your apartment into a real jungle paradise

Room Dividers for a Defined Structure

Room dividers are practical and beautiful furnishings in very large rooms (or studio apartments). They come in different designs, colors, shapes, and sizes, and help you divide your space more clearly. If you don’t have an extra room divider or need to be able to get rid of the room division quickly and easily, you can also use a curtain.

Is that the right lighting? Not for a gallery at least...

Creative, individual, and can be changed quickly - curtains with your design.

The advantage of a curtain is that you can change it very easily and you can choose different designs depending on your mood. You can choose a photo with a wonderful snowy landscape in winter, in summer you can decorate your room with a tropical look and hang up a design with lush green plants and colorful orchids. Spring blooms in soft colors and delicate florals, and fall is staged with darker and warm natural tones. With the changing decoration you can experience the four seasons within your four walls!

Forget frames

Did you know? Photos can also be printed directly onto wallpaper! If you don’t have your own design or don’t know what you would like, find inspiration in shops. Photo wallpapers are available in various designs - from landscapes to shots of cars and motorcycles - and you can find anything!

Is that the right lighting? Not for a gallery at least...

Is that the right lighting? Not for a gallery at least...

Architectural photos and nature designs are especially effective for wallpapering an entire wall or a small area. A photo wallpaper looks great in any room, whether the living room or bedroom, in the bathroom or in the study. If you have a kitchen with an integrated dining room, you can wallpaper just the dining room and create a clear division.

A Treat for the Eyes

Unfortunately we tend to neglect our kitchen and dining area when it comes to decorating and putting up photos. Why? Textiles are also used in the kitchen, and you can print these as well.

Colorful cupcakes, steaming pasta, or delicious cocktails - appetizing designs add more charm to your cooking retreat. Do you photograph your latest creations for your blog or instagram? Pick your favorite images and create pretty napkins for the next dinner you promise your friends.

Throw some of the designs in your kitchen onto a photo mug.

Throw some of the designs in your kitchen onto a photo mug.

With a beautiful photo on your coffee mug you will have a much nicer start to your day, even on Mondays. Order a cup with your favorite design in our shop right away and begin each morning with a gorgeous picture. Another great idea is to print on an apron. Would an apron with tasty sausages and vegetable skewers be the perfect gift for the barbeque expert in your family?

An Apartment out of a Picture Book

As you can see, there are many different ways to personalize your home with photo printing. Combine your unique photo pieces with other matching accessories. If you decorate your walls with your photos in beautiful frames, on Alu-Dibond, or on canvas, you will have turned your apartment into your own personal 3D picture book in the blink of an eye. Visit our store and pick the perfect pictures for your apartment!

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