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Six ideas for great designs
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Picture frames are practical and decorative at the same time: they protect your photos and images from dust, dirt and stains, act as light filters, and attract the eye. Whatever your design preferences, the right frame can make an interior feel complete. Here are six fabulous ideas for decorating with picture frames.

It depends on the frame – make sure you choose a specific material

It depends on the frame – make sure you choose a specific material

Brass is currently very trendy – the material and colour are very modern and elegant at the same time. If you think tone on tone is boring and prefer something more upbeat, no problem: picture frames are ideal for skilfully staged contrasts and accents. If you prefer something more minimalist, you can hang a large picture in a lush, antique golden frame on the wall and create a real highlight.

Go wild and customise your own frame

Become your own DIY hero; create the right frame out of different materials. Knit a sweater for your picture! Coarse wool and cable stitches aren’t just trendy on the runways. Paper is also a cheap and effective material for colourful picture frames, and it’s easy to work with.

Instructions in our blog: napkin frames made easy

Instructions on our blog: napkin frames made easy

Another marvellous idea is to paste over faded old frames with fabric remnants – if you’ve got a dress with a beautiful pattern that was always a bit too small, it doesn’t need to take up space in your cupboard any longer. Or go and browse through flea markets! You’ll definitely find some treasures that you can use for your latest DIY project. If you’re lucky, you’ll find an old panel door that you can strip, repaint and decorate with special photos! Join in the upcycling trend and upgrade discarded frames according to your taste! You won’t only be helping the environment, you’ll also be getting a one-of-a-kind item on your walls that’s sure to draw envious looks.

Display your frames perfectly

If you want to display your pictures effectively, you won’t only need the right frames, you’ll need the perfect location. Of course, the wall is the first option that comes to mind. Good idea! When hanging your frames, make sure you follow the theme of your chosen motifs and your interior design.

A clean series hanging in a wall creates a clean atmosphere

A clean series hanging on a wall creates a clean atmosphere

If you prefer things calmer and more organised, you can try a symmetrical hanging with identical or similar picture frames; you’ll need a pencil, measuring tape and spirit level. But symmetrical isn’t a must: a range of different picture frames and a relaxed style of hanging them can bring life to your four walls.

If you change your decor often and don’t want to make new holes in your wall, there are other possibilities. Install gallery rails on your walls – you can display new pictures and frames whenever inspiration strikes.

Ideal and very modern for large rooms: placing pictures on the ground instead of hanging

Ideal contemporary look for large rooms: placing pictures on the ground instead of hanging

In spacious rooms the floor is a great place for large pictures – this can give your apartment an urban and contemporary-chic look. Also think about whether you want to create a border for your frame: you can use gallery rails, but you can also invent new possibilities with DIY. If you panel part of your wall with wood you can make a strong presentation platform for your picture frames. Or polish up an old fence and fit it with smaller frames. Your photos won’t be the only things creating a great scene – your frames will be too.

Shape and content: an unbeatable team

Picture frames won't just let your photos shine, they'll also work with a range of other prints and even objects. At the moment typography is very popular – pick a great phrase which will motivate you every day, and put it in the perfect frame!

In our blog: 3D hearts in picture frames in 4 easy steps

In our blog: 3D hearts in picture frames in 4 easy steps

Or frame dried flowers from your last hike. There are no limits to your imagination. Home-made 3D pictures are a fantastic idea. For this you’ll only need a piece of fabric or pretty paper for the background, a frame and a hot glue gun. Remove the glass from the frame and decide how you’d like to present the objects. Then, with the help of the hot glue gun, mount them and you’ll soon have your individualised 3D picture!

Empty frames – projection screens for your thoughts

Picture frames also make an interesting decoration choice even without anything inside. Check out thrift shops or flea markets and keep an eye out for antique frames in different sizes with a patina. Remove the rear panel, arrange the various frames in a group and you’ll have a striking piece in your living room.

It depends on the frames - make sure you pick a specific material

It depends on the frames – make sure you pick a specific material

If you have patterned wallpaper, you can frame some of the pattern with an empty frame. Or fill the frame with a pretty postcard, a photo or a concert ticket from your favourite band. By the way, empty frames also look especially nice in the bathroom, catching the eye without running the risk of damaging your pictures with moisture.

The gallery effect: floating images in a fine frame

Did the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin, the Soho Photo Gallery in New York or the Tate Britain stir something in you? Put your photos out there effectively and elegantly by customising your own personal gallery. We recommend shadow frames, which leave a gap around the photo between the edge of the image and the frame.

The perfect frames: pictures in shadow frames from

The perfect frames: pictures in shadow frames from

This visible gap creates an almost magical effect. Your picture looks like it’s floating; it appears more professional, takes on more depth and really comes into its own. You can get shadow frames from for photos on canvas prints. Search around and find the perfect frames for your own private gallery!

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