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5 tips for a nicely decorated dining tabl
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A beautifully set table will definitely set the tone when you invite guests to dinner. But even when you are dining alone, a lovingly decorated table makes dinner much more fun - after all, you eat with your eyes first! We’ve got 5 simple tricks to convert your table decorations into real eye catchers

Tip #1: A dream in pink - pastel colours are in full swing

Pastel colours radiate softness, they emit a cheerful atmosphere and sometimes a touch of nostalgia. To make them not kitschy, it's better to combine them with clear designs and simple shapes. Pastel coloured crockery and ceramics are one of the strongest trends for the months to come. First of all, get a new modern set of plates in pink. The crockery alone brings freshness to the table!

Pastel colours can be nicely combined and work together to create a harmonious overall effect.

Pastel colours can be nicely combined and work together to create a harmonious overall effect

Then decorate with tablecloths, napkins and candlesticks which are also pastel-coloured - the different shades can be wonderfully combined with each other! A precious vase, low-key candlesticks and other decorative elements complete the arrangement. You can also use objects made of wood, copper, brass or earthenware to create a pleasant contrast. A simple tray made of olive wood or a brass candle holder looks beautiful with rose-coloured dishes.

Tip #2: Exercise restraint with Asian refinement

Do you prefer simple decorations with an Asian touch? Right now you can find dishes and decorative objects inspired by the simplicity of Japanese design which will win you over with their shapes inspired by nature, attractive materials and high quality manufacturing. Choose plates and bowls made of hand-thrown ceramic and place them on the table. If you have a solid wood table, feel free to show it off. Otherwise you can use linen or thin woven woollen tablecloths. Slate underplates, a cast iron teapot for fresh green tea and a stoneware sugar bowl will harmoniously complement your dishes.

Natural and blue tones complete the Japanese look

Natural and blue tones complete the Japanese look

You can also add some more decorations like a simple white porcelain vase filled with individual branches or orchids. You might even want to take up Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement. No matter which elements you choose, there is one Asian guideline you should follow: less is more! Limit yourself to selected descriptive elements and choose subtle colours. Natural tones and muted shades of blue perfectly suit the Japanese style.

Tip #3: Enjoy a holiday meal with maritime decoration

Maritime table decorations are not only a great idea in summer. Simply combine old and new and decorate with trinkets or items you found during a walk on the beach to create a sea atmosphere you can enjoy anytime. Order is key, which is why it’s best you concentrate on two colours: blue and white. No other colour combination better conveys the feeling of sun, beach and sea. For example, choose a simple white tablecloth, napkins in shades of aqua and white porcelain with a blue pattern. You can then randomly place shells, stones and driftwood on the table.

The maritime look is easy and effective - shells, sand, candles and herbs

The maritime look is easy and effective - shells, sand, candles and herbs

Lemons are also great for your maritime decoration and create an exciting contrast to the cool blues. You can make romantic lighting with tea lights: place them with in glasses filled with sand or in large shells. Flowers are always welcome at your table, but for a maritime theme you can also use herbs like rosemary or sage in decorative pots. Individual branches of lavender are equally charming and elegant and will round off your decoration. And if you have beautiful photos from a seaside or boating holiday, you can get them printed on a personalised photo mug – a themed set on the table will evoke the maritime mood like nothing else!

Tip #4: Paper, scissors, creativity: are you good at improvising?

Did guests suddenly announce themselves for dinner, and now you have no idea how to decorate your table? No problem. You don’t need to drive to a craft store to successfully decorate your table. Everyday items can be transformed and will put out a unique and relaxed atmosphere and cosiness - sure to make your guests feel right at home. If your wonderful flower vase recently broke, an old wine bottle, teapot or jam jar will do. Remove the label, wrap velvet or string around the container and pick a few flowers from the garden – voila! Your own beautiful flower arrangement! If you don’t have any flowers available, just use fruit: apples, pears or exotic fruits look amazing on the table, either in a simple bowl or placed individually on the table.

Unique decoration made easy: plants, candles, fruit - or everything together

Unique decoration made easy: plants, candles, fruit - or everything together

You should also think about the lighting: craft a pretty lantern decoration out of just wrapping paper. Take a wide strip of paper, fold it horizontally in the middle and then cut strips or other patterns along the fold. When you are finished, open the paper, take the short side and simply turn it over onto your tea light. You can also put a tea light into a simple white lunch bag, just make sure that you put the tea light into a small glass beforehand for safety. You can do much more with somewhat thicker paper: cut out fish, butterflies or pinecones from colourful paper and place them on your table. They can serve as place cards, menus or even just as decoration.

Tip #5: Create individual photo place cards for your guests

Place cards may seem a bit old-fashioned, but they are starting to become more and trendier. Even if you are not celebrating a wedding or dining at a state banquet but are inviting two guests to a relaxed brunch: place cards are a sign of attention, which your guests will notice. If they are beautiful and made with love they can also serve as a gift so that your guests will always remember the meal you shared.

A great surprise: create place cards from photos of your friends

A great surprise: create place cards from photos of your friends

If you took nice photos of your friends in the past, you can have these developed as portraits and use them as place cards on the table. Or have photos developed which fit to the theme of the occasion or menu. Can you cook Asian food? Then decorate the table with pictures of your trip to Indonesia! If pasta is on the menu, then how about photos of your last trip to Italy? Lovely landscapes also make great place cards and are a beautiful reminder of a successful evening.

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