A Decoration with an Eye-Catcher Guarantee

This way your photos come perfectly into play
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Do you know this? When entering a room, you have not even looked around you correctly, because your gaze already wanders inevitably to a very specific image. This usually is not an accident but a cleverly staged design. In this article you will learn how to use this phenomenon for your own photos.

What is framed must be important. The greater is the chance that a framed photo directly becomes an eye catcher. Use this to your advantage and place the most important photos directly in a frame. The easiest (and often least expensive) way is to frame your photo with a passepartout.

An eye-magnet: a frame

Photos are an indispensable part of our homes. Whether it is your own holiday snaps, high quality art prints or photo productions: With photos we decorate our living room to give it a personal note. With the right photos we retrieve pleasant memories and feelings. But how do you stage your photos most masterfully?

Frames attract attention to every image

Whether a canvas with a shadow box frame or a poster with an passepartout – frames attract attention to every image

If you want to get a photo into focus, then choose a larger format and place no additional photos around the centerpiece. But you can also make a small gallery with photos of various sizes. It is important that you have a unifying element in the decoration - it may be either the central axis, around which you arrange the frames, or you choose an identical framework for all the photos. Take care that your arrangement is not too restless and that it fits in form and colour to the remaining interior design. And do not forget to install your photos at eye level!

Rearrange individual motifs

You can easily replace or rearrange individual motifs, if they are placed on wall ledges

An elegant floor decoration

By no means must the photos allways be placed on the walls. If you have differently sized photos in beautiful frames, you can also place them nicely on the floor of rooms and lean against the wall. These design variations give your living room a modern look – it is only suitable for relatively large rooms where the furniture is used sparingly. In allready full rooms this type of decoration can quickly look messy.

Floor photos

Floor photos: elegant in large spaces with few furniture

Think big – large formats for for more impact

Next tip for an instant eye-catcher: If you wish to decorate a large room, canvas prints in XXL format can be used. On canvas your photo receives more warmth and vitality and gives an artistic charm with vibrant colours and an interesting surface structure.

XXL photo canvases

So big that you just have to look: XXL photo canvases determine the spatial atmosphere

Also interesting: With photo wallpaper you can decorate your room any way you like. For a photo wallpaper you should select a subject you like to look at even after a long time. Remember that the photo wallpaper is not so complicated in the way of attachment, as the customary ingrain models and of course they are not so easily replaced like canvases and frames. Choose an unagitated design in pleasant colours, such as a nature or architectural photo.

An eye-catcher through elegance: Acrylic glass and aluminium

Particularly noble appear photos when they are laminated and sealed with acrylic glass. This way nature shots come into play beautifully, since the smooth and evenly shiny acrylic surface provides better depth dimension. When choosing between acrylic and aluminium it is essential, where the photo is to be hung. If it should be placed in a place with strong light, you should resort to a matt acrylic glass. Even better in this case is a photo on aluminium. This allows your photo to have just as noble an appearance as the acrylic, but it reflects less.

Crystal clear acrylic glass or noble aluminium

Crystal clear acrylic glass or noble aluminium – both put your photo perfectly to show

During the aluminium printing process the photo is laminated with a special glue on an aluminium plate and is protected against deformation. You can also hang a photo on aluminium outdoors without any problems and in this way, for example, you can decorate your balcony. Being wind and weather proof it gives your terrace an individual touch and forms a real eye-catcher.

Eye-catcher tip: Decorate unusually

Have your photos, for example, be printed on textiles. Especially in the trend are nature and animal motifs. This way, for example, you can decorate your sofa by placing printed cushion covers with different, mutually matching designs and photo cushions on it. Other ideas include mouse pads, puzzles or mugs that are printed with your photos. These photo gifts are not only for your individual use, but are also a great idea for a personalised gift to your loved ones.

Unusual locations for photos

Unusual locations for photos - for example, on the sofa

Photo books for daydreaming

You have so many beautiful photos of your last holiday or your wedding that you cannot decide which you should hang up? Then create your own personal photo book. With a large number of photos a hard-cover book exudes sophistication. Photo books are available in so many individual design options, formats and quality standards that you can tinker your book to your own individual taste.

A photo book is not only decorative

A photo book is not only decorative, but also provides immediate topic of conversation

And on the subject of eye-catcher guarantee: A book with the most beautiful photos of your United States roundtrip is ideally suited as a decorative coffee table book. And if you enjoy, for example, reliving memories without wanting to share this directly with each visitor, a photo book with the most beautiful moments of your relationship is more discreet than many framed photos hanging in the apartment and are visible to everyone.

Conclusion: Be creative

No matter which option you opt for: be creative and decorate your home with your photos. At my-picture.co.uk you can get your photo printed on canvas, on aluminium or behind acrylic. You can also create photo gifts such as cushions or mugs in an uncomplicated process. And if you prefer to frame an ordinary photo, you can still be creative: Browse at the next flea market for a vintage frame or tinker one yourself from driftwood.

Never before have there been so many opportunities to present photos effectively. Though there are some rules of thumb to observe, but ultimately your imagination knows no boundaries. With your most treasured photos you yourself can create a decoration with an eye-catcher guarantee.

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