How to Match Wall Décor at Home

Simple rules of wall decoration

When it comes to buying wall decoration, there’s basically only one rule of thumb – YOU have to like it! But we have some tips to help you choose wall décor that will come together to create a harmonious and cosy look at home. Have a look at our basic rules and decide for yourself which fit both your taste and home best.

But as always: Rules are made to be broken! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and you are happy in the room! You could also change the room’s style and look every now and then, as and when you feel like it – just remember that visual harmony is the key. With our personalised canvas prints prints you can change the look of your room quicker and cheaper than ever before. Have fun decorating!

Create wall décor out of family photos

Colour-coordinate wall décor and furniture

Arrange picture collages geometrically

Arrange picture collages geometrically

Pictures should not overwhelm nearby furniture in size

Don't hang big pictures above small furniture pieces

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