How to Match Wall Decor at Home

Simple rules of wall decoration
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When it comes to buying wall decoration, there’s basically only one rule of thumb – YOU have to like it! But we have some tips to help you choose wall decor that will come together to create a harmonious and cosy look at home. Have a look at our basic rules and decide for yourself which fit both your taste and home best.

  • Positioning pictures at the right height

    Wall decor is most pleasant to look at when it's conveniently placed. The average eye level is about 1.60 metres from the ground. Pictures that are meant to be viewed when standing are best positioned around this height. Using the same rule, it's more pleasant and comfortable to look at pictures hung in front of a couch or next to a dining table from a lower height, so they should generally be placed nearer to the viewer.

7 rules for matching wall decor. Photo canvas prints with girl and her toy bear.

  • Mind the edge

    Take a closer look at your room and note the edges and corners. Using the angles of window frames, doors or wardrobes as guides for hanging up your pictures will make the room appear more balanced.

  • Arrange groups of pictures geometrically

    If you want to hang a picture on the left side of a wall, it’s important to create a visual counterbalance on the right side. A group of pictures in different sizes works best in a geometrical collage, normally in a square or rectangle shape.

  • Evenly-spaced gaps between pictures

    When hanging up pictures it’s also important to pay attention to the gaps in-between them – uneven arrangements can make the viewer feel unsettled. A tape measure can be helpful in ensuring the pictures are placed evenly.

7 rules for matching wall decor. Galley wall with multiple canvas prints with photos from music festival.

  • Interplay of furniture and pictures!

    The size of the furniture in the room plays a role in determining the size of the pictures you should select. When pictures are too small, they seem to disappear next to the furniture. Similarly, large pictures look overwhelming in contrast with small pieces of furniture. Bear in mind the approximate measurements of the furniture in the room when ordering your canvas or other wall decoration to ensure these fit right in with the rest of the room.

  • Harmony in colour schemes

    Just as you would colour-coordinate pieces of furniture in a room, do the same with pictures and walls. Repeating the same colour with different elements or having different shades of the same colour in a room will create a more harmonious atmosphere. Hang a picture that has splashes of the same colour on a painted wall and avoid gaudy images for patterned walls. Bright white walls are perfect for showcasing art.

7 rules for matching wall decor. Canvas print with children during ballet lessons.

  • Think about sunlight!

    In general it’s best to keep your pictures away from direct sunlight so as to prevent the colours from fading. Having said that, with canvases or other wall decoration from, there’s no need to worry: we print your pictures with UV-resistant ink which ensures long-lasting products.

But as always: rules are made to be broken! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and you’re happy in the room! You can also change the room’s style and look every now and then, as and when you feel like it – just remember that visual harmony is key. With our personalised canvas prints prints you can change the look of your room more quickly and cheaply than ever before. Have fun decorating!


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