2017 Colour Trends

Time for colour!
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Colour experts agree: while white walls and restrained colour concepts have dominated our walls over the last few years, 2017 is the year to add more colour in our lives and homes. We’ll tell you all about this year’s trendiest colours in this article.

Delicate rose to elegant grey, from fiery red up to calming blues – so many different colours competing for our attention. Even if you prefer a more restrained colour theme, there is a wide range of natural shades such as sand or hazelnut brown which help make your home more comfortable and inviting. Before painting a room in one of the brighter trend colours, you should first try it out with accessories to make sure you can live with the colour!

A dream in rose

Rose is and always will be a favourite for fashion and interior designers. Although it’s one of the more controversial colours in the world, and is often referred to as “cute”, girly or just plain kitsch, it turns up again and again in different trends and home concepts. Last year pastels were incredibly popular as wall colours, and pastel rose was a great combination with white or grey. Vintage-chic and country cottage styles benefit from the delicate colour’s characteristics.

Delicate, feminine and a must in 2017: rose as a trend colour

Delicate, feminine and a must in 2017: rose as a trend colour.

The colour experts at Pantone have chosen a rose tone as colour of the year: rose quartz has taken first place, together with the hue Serenity. The warm rose colour fills that longing for warmth, comfort and well-being. Pantone has also added a rose shade to its colour palette in the Fashion Colour Report Spring 2017: Pale Dogwood is a restrained rose which radiates innocence and purity. Pink Yarrow, on the other hand, is a strong pink that puts you in a good mood and awakens ambition with its intensity.

Grey in grey? Yes, please!

Grey is one of the most popular trends of 2017, and not only because the colour is anything other than bleak. In fact, it is incredibly versatile! Grey is basically a non-colour, and that’s why it can be used in so many areas. Cool or warm, cosy or elegant, reserved Scandinavian or romantic and playful - grey can be any of these. In addition, it fits easily into any interior design and in every home, from a modern loft to a classical building. This colour brings any architectural style to shine!

Neutral and versatile - use grey as an alternative to white, and combine it how you want

Neutral and versatile - use grey as an alternative to white, and combine it how you want.

Minimalist homes with modern design elements benefit just as well from a grey coat of paint as a country cottage. Grey is much more noble than a pure white or beige tone. The neutrality of the colour means that it can act as a base for red, yellow, blue and green accents. Grey walls make wood and other natural materials appear more natural, and chrome and brass gleam more strongly in their glory. However, you should make sure that the colour temperature fits to the rest of the colour concept: the darker the grey, the warmer it usually is, and the brighter the grey, the better it fits to cooler shades.

Pure nature in urban living

The call of the wild noticeably increases in urban areas. A home that is decorated in natural colours offers the perfect retreat from a crowded, hectic and noisy city. Natural tones, such as a warm white, a dark brown or shades of sand, are easy to combine with each other and other colours, just like grey. In this way, you can use multiple natural colours to create a base colour scheme that you can lighten up with colourful accents.

Light shades of brown add a natural flair to your home this year

Light shades of brown add a natural flair to your home this year.

Natural tones fit very well to a Scandinavian and cottage style, and if you opt for a minimalist living concept, don’t forget: less is more also applies to the colour scheme! Pantone has selected different shades inspired by nature for 2017; Hazelnut is a key colour this spring, but also suits any other season. It’s a warm earth tone that suits not only white, but also other colours.

It’s getting hot!

Fire colours are a hot tip for 2017! Brash red, vibrant orange and intense, dark yellow all add more heat to your home and will cheer you up on a grey and drizzly day. These fiery colour not only warm you up, but also stimulate and inspire you. These colours require a well-thought-out colour concept due to their strong effect.

From rose-red to dark yellow - hot colours are eye-catching and create contrast

From rose-red to dark yellow - hot colours are eye-catching and create contrast.

A bright red can be a bit counterproductive in the bedroom - you want to be able to relax and rest in this room. Also, you won’t need to paint every wall in your living room in hot colours, that might be a bit much. A single wall is perfectly sufficient. Of course you can also spice up your couch with a red cover, or bring more colour into your home with cushion covers and curtains. Wall decorations, such as your photos made into canvas prints, are great for daring colours.

Blue and green convey peace

In contrast to red, orange and yellow tones, blue and green are relaxing and calming. Pantone has also recognised a need for relaxation and comfort, and has declared the denim blue shade Niagara as 2017’s most important colour. Blue and green are perfect for the bedroom, however, they’re also wonderful in other rooms combined with other colours.

Easy-care houseplants: Put green back into 2017 thanks to succulents

Harmonious and soothing - shades of green are absolute trend colours in 2017.

Numerous nuances such as a light pastel blue, intense petrol or a dark green offer you the chance to use these colours according to your personal taste. You can then choose a suitable tone for the rest of your home’s textile and colour concept. Petrol looks very elegant in combination with certain shades of red, while warm green tones, such as the Pantone colours Kale and Greenery, look good with other natural colours and remind you of thick forests. Bright shades of blue create an airy, Mediterranean style in combination with white.

Plum is your Secret Weapon

Benjamin Moore’s colour experts have placed another colour in the running: the interior professionals love a dark and matte plum tone. Shadow 2117-30 is elegant and mysterious, and makes a great contrast to the popular reserved white wall Scandinavian style of the last few years.

Dark purple fits perfectly to the neutral trend colours of the recent years

Dark purple fits perfectly to the neutral trend colours of the recent years.

Anyone who feels the need for more colour in their home, and doesn’t like garish colours, is well-advised to use dark amethyst-violet and show courage. You can combine the colour with neutral grey, white and beige tones so that it doesn’t become too colourful. Another good idea is a tone-in-tone colour design: lilac and lavender, purple and mauve are great plays on colour which can be decorated with gorgeous gold or brass accessories.

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