What is a Photobook? A Quick Introduction

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What is a photobook? Read this to learn more about exactly what MYPICTURE photobooks are, and what they can do for you!

A photobook is a personalised book that features a collection of photographs arranged in a cohesive and creative layout.

The history of photobooks dates back to the mid-19th century, when photographers first started experimenting with photo albums as a way to display their work. Since then, the evolution of printing technology has made photobooks accessible to anyone looking to create their own personal keepsake.

Custom photobooks, like those sold online by MYPICTURE, are a popular option for people looking to showcase their memories and photography skills.

Photobooks are important to us because they serve as a tangible way to preserve and share memories with family and friends.

What is a Photo Book. Photo book with cup of coffee and laptop.

What is a Photobook Album: a Range of Uses

For most people, photobooks are valued most as a versatile way to display and share cherished memories with family and friends. They can be used to document occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, a baby's first year, or as yearbooks for school or sports teams.

Photobooks can also be used as fine art collections to showcase a photographer's portfolio – from amateur level right through to serious professional works.

Photobooks from respected online providers like MYPICTURE give you the freedom to create something truly unique and meaningful by customising your book from start to finish: layout, design, size, and materials.

You can keep your photobook as a treasured memento for yourself, or it will make a touching gift for someone you care about.

What is a Photo Book. Photo book featuring Christmas images.

What is a Photo Book: Brief History

The Early Years

Photobooks date back to the mid-19th century, when photographs were first starting to become more widely available to the general public. Early photo albums showcased photographers’ work, and consisted of individual photos that were often mounted on cardboard pages and bound together with string or ribbon.

The First Commercial Books

As photography developed and became more popular, so did the photobook. By the early 20th century, companies were producing mass-market photo albums, which were sold to the public for personal use. These featured pre-printed pages with decorative borders and spaces for captions, letting people display their photographs in a cohesive way.

The Digital Revolution

The introduction of digital photography and advancements in printing technology in the late 20th century revolutionized the industry. Today, custom photobooks can be created and printed quickly and easily online, with a wide variety of design options and templates available to choose from.

What is a Photo Book. Photo book with print of painting on cover.

How to Make a Photobook at MYPICTURE

If you’re looking for an online provider who’ll print a photobook for you in premium quality, you’ll want to go with a respected name. MYPICTURE have years of experience making acclaimed custom print products, so you can be sure we’ll do your pictures justice!

It's a simple process. Our four-step guide below talks you through it:

Step #1: Choose Design

Go to our photobook product page and click “CREATE A NEW PHOTO BOOK”. You can either create an account or buy as a guest.

Choose from our selection of photobook templates. To help you choose, you can filter them by choosing one of the categories at the top (e.g. Holidays + Travel, Wedding + Romance).

When you click on one of the templates, you’ll see a mock-up of the finished article. If you’re happy, click “Start design”.

Step #2: Choose Specifications

Now you need to choose the specifications for your photobook. You’ll need to choose some or all of the following:

When you’re happy with your spec choices, click “Design Photo Book Now”.

Step #3: Upload Photos and Design Photobook

You’ll now get to design how your photobook looks down to the smallest detail. You’ll see a mock-up of your book, and you can upload photos and add a wide range of design features.

There’s a menu on the left-hand side with different categories of design features, including photos. Click on the Photos section to start uploading your pictures. Just click on an uploaded photo and drag it across to the photobook page of your choice.

You can also drag-and-drop design features from the other categories: Backgrounds, Clip Art, Layouts, Masks, and Frames. And you’ll see even more feature buttons surrounding your book mock-up.

When you’ve finished uploading and designing your book, click the shopping cart icon at top right to proceed.

Step #4: Complete Order

Check that everything in your cart is as you expected, then enter your delivery details and proceed to payment.

Your photobook will go straight into production, and will arrive at your front door in 10-14 working days!

What is a Photo Book. Photo book featuring wintery scenes.

What is a Layflat Photo Book?

A layflat photo book allows your photos to be displayed seamlessly across both pages without any disruption caused by the centrefold. As the name suggests, the pages of a layflat photo book lay completely flat when opened, for a panoramic and uninterrupted view of your images.

Layflat photobooks are popular among professional photographers who want to showcase their work in a visually stunning way, but they’re also perfect for individuals who want to create a high-quality photo album for special occasions. Layflat photo albums are the best choice for panorama photos.

MYPICTURE photobooks offer a range of binding solutions. If you want a layflat binding for your photo album, select the "real photo paper" option when you’re choosing your specifications!

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