Personalised Star Map: A Stunning Gift Idea

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The photo printing experts at MYPICTURE introduce an exciting new feature of their product range. Calculated using the data you provide (place, date and time), a personalised star map pays tribute to any momentous event in your life – and also to the ineffable beauty of the night sky.


One Point in Space, One Moment in Time

The instant a new life began, the moment two lives were joined together in one... These are the events that mark our passage through life – and change our destinies.

Personalised Star Map: A Stunning New Gift Idea. Two black and white star map prints on wall.

Every moment of our lives takes place under a unique configuration of the stars. And the truly life-changing moments can make you feel like the heavens have stood still.

The new personalised star map from MYPICTURE is a perfect way to pay tribute. Because with just a few clicks you can conjure up the constellations as they appeared from that special place and at that fateful moment.

Pick a place, date and time of your choice – in the past or future – and enter your choices at our website. The exact configuration of the stars at that place and time will be calculated in an instant and will appear on your screen. These are the stars that were arrayed above you when your life was changed – and now you can immortalise them with your very own beautiful star chart!


Custom Star Map for the Most Special Moments

A star map makes a fitting tribute to any event which proved transformative for you or your loved ones. It’s a simply perfect gift idea. Which events are worthy of being immortalised in the stars? You’ll know when they happen.

Personalised Star Map: A Stunning New Gift Idea. Silhouette of a man against starry sky.

Our text function will let you add the dedication of your choice. But if you’d rather keep it simple, your map will feature a place and a date – and not a word more. That life-changing moment can be shared with the world or kept secret just for you and that special someone.


Individualised Maps, Standardised Quality

Every one of our star charts is completely unique…and simply breath-taking.

We offer you a range of customisation choices. Stick with classic black and white, or select one of our striking blocks of contemporary colour – refined Midnight or a daringly vivid hue like Sunset or Clearing. You’re sure to find the perfect complement for your interior design.

And you can overlay your starry sky with an elegant grid system or a fascinating constellation chart – or keep it unadorned and let the stars speak for themselves in all their splendour and mystery.

We’ll print your star map on photo board. Your unique map will be shown to perfection on a hardfoam panel which is wonderfully durable but light enough for effortless display anywhere in your home.

Personalised Star Map: A Stunning New Gift Idea. A personalised star map print hanging on wall.


Sublime Moments Demand an Exquisite Product

With our years of experience in creating customised wall art of exceptional quality, we know that only true craftsmanship is worthy of your cherished personal memories. This really is a premium product. Whether given pride of place on your own walls or presented as a surprise gift to the ones you love, this glimpse of heaven is sure to exceed your highest expectations.

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