How to Arrange Photos on a Wall: A Guide

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Wondering how to arrange photos on a wall to make the most impact? Our guide offers tips and creative ideas to help you curate the perfect display.

There's something magical about displaying cherished photo memories on the walls of your home. Arranging photos on the wall doesn’t just bring a personal touch to your living space, it also serves as a daily reminder of the people and experiences with a special place in your heart.

In this article, we'll explore how to arrange photos on your wall, offering tips and creative ideas to help you create a perfectly balanced display of canvas prints or other print formats that reflects your unique style and personality.

Let’s start with the basics!

How to Arrange Photos on a Wall: The Short Guide

How to arrange photos on a wall: a mixed wall art display

  1. Choose a wall space: Select a wall with enough free space to work with, and one that will provide an attractive backdrop to your photo display – ideally it will get natural light.
  2. Curate your photo collection: Sort through your photographs and choose ones that hold real meaning to you. Choose vibrant, high-definition images that capture the essence of the moments and people you hold dear.
  3. Choose the print formats and sizes: Considering the dimensions of your wall and the space available will help you determine the optimum size for each photo. Then choose a printing medium (canvas, photo paper, metal, acrylic, etc) to suit your photos and overall aesthetic.
  4. Select your printing provider: Look for reputable companies that offer a range of printing options and durable materials.
  5. Determine the arrangement style: Decide on a grid layout, gallery style, or symmetrical balance. Each style has its own aesthetic appeal so you should choose the one that works best for your photos and the available wall space.
  6. Prepare the layout: Create a mock layout on the floor to experiment with different configurations. This allows you to fine-tune the arrangement, ensuring the perfect balance, spacing, and flow before making any permanent decisions.
  7. Hang the photos: Using a tape measure, mark the spots in pencil and then hang your photos. Check out some video tutorials if you’re a DIY novice.
  8. Add finishing touches: Assess the overall arrangement and consider additional elements like wall decals, lights, or any other decorative elements.

Want to learn more about each step? Read on!

#1. Selecting the Right Wall

How to arrange photos on a wall: a large bare wall in the room

Choosing the perfect wall to showcase your photos is the first step towards creating an effective display. Try to find a wall that gets lots of natural light, as this can enhance the visual appeal of your photographs.

However, make sure the wall isn’t exposed to direct sunlight, because many print formats – canvas prints, for instance – can fade if subjected to UV rays.

It's also important to choose a wall that provides enough space for your desired arrangement.

#2. Curating Your Photo Collection

How to arrange photos on a wall: a person browsing through a photo collection on the computer

Before diving into printing and arranging your photos, take some time to curate your collection. Sort through your photographs and select the ones that hold the most meaning to you.

Consider organising your photos by theme, such as family, travel, or special events, to create a cohesive and personalised display.

And remember that you’re not limited to photos. You can also print digital designs, typographic art, or reproductions of artworks (provided they’re out of copyright). If you want to create your own art, you can even take advantage of the new AI-based tools available to assist you in the design process.

#3. Choosing Print Formats and Sizes

How to arrange photos on a wall: a wall art display demonstrating various print sizes

The next step is choosing the right print formats and sizes to showcase your images. Consider the dimensions of your wall and the space available to determine the optimal sizes for each photo.

Then think about the type of print that best complements your photos and the aesthetic you’re going for. You can opt for a glossy finish to add a touch of glamour, or a matte finish for a more subdued classic look. If you want a timelessly artistic solution, try canvas prints with their subtly textured surface and classic “art gallery” look. Or if you prefer a sleek modern look, metal or acrylic prints are both effective solutions.

#4. Selecting Your Printing Provider

How to arrange photos on a wall: a person browsing MYPICTURE via smartphone

It’s worth doing a bit of research to find a reliable printing provider. Look for companies that have good scores on review sites, offer a range of printing options, and are known for product durability. Take some time to read customer reviews, compare prices, and check out social media for real-life testimonials.

Here at MYPICTURE you can create top-quality prints in just a couple of minutes, taking advantage of our self-explanatory product design system. We offer a wide range of printing choices and a lowest-price guarantee for the UK – perfect for those working to a budget!

#5. Determining the Arrangement Style

How to arrange photos on a wall: a gallery wall with mixed print formats

There are several popular photo arrangement styles to choose from, depending on your preference and the space available. Here are some classic choices:

#6. Preparing the Layout

How to arrange photos on a wall: a mock print layout on the wall

Before hammering in any nails, it's helpful to create a mock layout on the floor. Arrange your photos according to your chosen layout, experimenting with different configurations until you find one that feels just right. Take measurements/photographs of the layout to use as a reference when you transfer it onto your wall.

#7. Hanging the Photos

How to arrange photos on a wall: a woman hanging a large canvas print on the wall

To ensure a flawless display, follow these steps:

#8. Adding the Finishing Touches

How to arrange photos on a wall: two canvas prints on the wall

Once all the photos are on the wall, step back and assess the whole arrangement. Make any necessary adjustments to achieve balance and harmony. Consider adding additional elements like wall decals or string lights to further enhance the display.

That said, you want to avoid overcrowding the space with too many decorations. Embrace the concept of less is more, allowing your photos to take centre stage while maintaining a visually pleasing and harmonious arrangement.


Now you know how to arrange photos on a wall, it's time to unleash your creativity and turn your living space into a gallery of cherished memories. Let your walls tell the story of your life – with help from the trusted printing specialists here at MYPICTURE!

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