Lifestyle Trend: Personalised Photo Blanket

What Makes a Home?

A home is so much more than just a dry place to eat, sleep and keep our stuff. It’s an expression of our unique personality and a refuge from the trials of the working day. A home should have all the simple comforts close to hand, ready to welcome you into its embrace every day of the week, every season of the year.

Latest lifestyle trend. Personalised photo blanket. Woman covering up in a cosy blanket.

Think of arriving home on a chilly late-autumnal evening. The door closes behind you and what do you do? Those formal clothes will be coming off, to be replaced by something at the slouchy and flannelly end of the sartorial spectrum. You’ll be reaching for the slippers – the pair that all afternoon you were wishing you had under the desk so you could furtively work your toes in there. You’ll be brewing up a hot drink. And before long you’ll be curled up on the sofa ready to crack open a timeless work of literature (or watch the soaps, nobody’s judging here). What’s the final ingredient that’s missing?

The Unsung Domestic Hero

Nothing else nudges the dial from “pleasantly snug” up to “thoroughly cosy now” with the speed and efficiency of a blanket. It’s got a built-in temperature control system, modulated by the slightest tightening or loosening of the fabric. And that wrapped-up-tight feeling makes you feel centred, secure and far, far beyond the reach of the winter blues.

A true household essential. But not, if we’re honest, an area of the lifestyle accessory market which has seen many great innovations – at least within living memory. And that’s why we’re so excited to share with you a new trend which might get you looking at this dependable household companion from a whole new perspective. That trend is customised photo printing.

A Unique Blanket for a Unique Household

Rapid advances in printing technology have seen the customised print market diversify just as quickly. With the expertise built up over our years of printing experience here at, we’ve turned our hand to personalised mugs, cushions, phone cases and lots more – always holding to our strict standards for quality. We only launch a new product when we’re sure we can meet those same standards. And we’re confident that our new customised photo blanket yields to none of the competition.

Latest lifestyle trend. Personalised photo blanket with two kids and a mountain terrain.

A personalised blanket is every bit as soft, durable and luxuriously cosy as any of your old favourites at home. Only now the entire surface can be printed with a photo image of your choice – absolutely any photo image. Choose a cherished photo memory of time shared with your loved ones and it will stay by your side on the bed or sofa (and that’s a whole extra source of warmth…) Or find an outlet for your unique personality with the boldest, wittiest image in your picture folder. Heartfelt memento or statement piece – customisation technology puts you firmly in control. Yes, the blanket, that traditional constant in the world of lifestyle, has taken on a new world of possibilities.

How Did We Get Here?

Traditionally made of wool (one Thomas Blanquette gave his name to a particular woollen weave and this later became the general name for the product), blankets were usually designed to be as rugged and substantial as possible, fit for the challenges of life in a world before double-glazed windows and central heating. They were an indispensable kit item in the armed forces (more often than not these regulation pieces were on the coarse side and coloured a defiantly masculine dark grey). But this was a market that always served the king as well as the commoner, and many beautiful luxury items from before the industrial era (silk and furs were popular materials) have survived to the 21st century.

Latest lifestyle trend. Personalised photo blanket. Cat's paw grabbing a pumpkin.

The machine age and man-made fibres opened up new ways to combine warmth and durability with striking reductions in weight and manufacturing costs. High-quality products became more and more accessible across the social spectrum, but perhaps with the advent of mass production something was lost as well. With identical blanket designs found in homes up and down the country, a certain special quality – that unique identity that comes with a one-of-a-kind piece – became more elusive.

A New Paradigm

Well, finally the conditions are right for the era of mass customisation. The digital revolution means the waiting time between capturing an image and sharing it has been trimmed down to virtually nothing. And constant improvements in printing technology have let us achieve the effortlessly vivid colours and clarity of resolution that are the hallmark of any product – while maintaining our unbeatably quick turnover times and incredibly low prices. Our odourless and hypoallergenic print penetrates right to the core of our premium plush photo blanket. The result is a fabulously crisp and faithful reproduction of your chosen image, which with the minimum of care will stay in the same superb condition for years to come. What’s more, the entire production process is bound by our strict environmentally-friendly policies.

Why is a Personalised Blanket Right for You?

It’s always a treat coming home to a soft and toasty blanket waiting for you on the sofa. But when that blanket’s a unique piece designed by you, and featuring a great photo you took yourself, you know you’ve made that sofa your kingdom! Anywhere in the house you like to get cosy, this versatile item will work the same magic. Laid out as a bedspread a photo blanket can give completely new life to your bedroom decor.

Latest lifestyle trend personalised photo blanket. Photo blanket with two dogs.

Photo blankets are a simply perfect gift idea. Now a shared photo memory – a wedding portrait, a stunning view from an unforgettable holiday or a picture of a beloved family pet – can be given to your loved ones in the most substantial form possible. This novel twist on a household essential gives new meaning to the words “wrapped up in memories”. And those memories are chosen by you and you alone.

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