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Your photo on aluminium – quality

With our extravagant aluminium prints, your favourite motif will be printed on a high-quality, glossy vinyl film with solvent-free HP latex inks, enabling your motif to be displayed in the highest resolution. After this, with the use of a special procedure, the film is applied evenly and precisely on the 2 mm thick aluminium composite panel, whose centre consists of a hard, black plastic core, thus allowing for both stability and lightness all in one.

High quality material

In addition, we improve your image with a transparent glossy film which not only protects your film from sunlight but also allows for a brilliant appearance. With the application of state-of-the-art CNC milling procedures, you will receive your picture precisely cut and polished.

Our aluminium printing is the ideal choice for your favourite photo – thanks to our highly modernised printing techniques and the special materials that are used, we are able to guarantee maximum light and water resistance!

from £12.00 *

Production time about 5 days

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Photo on Aluminium

Your favorite picture will look especially important once put on an aluminium composite panel. The glossy surface of the print will make your image stand out. The colors of the print are intensive and the aluminium composite panel the image is laminated to is especially durable. Your photo on aluminum is going to become an extraordinary wall decoration.

from £22.00 *

Production time about 5 days

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Photo on Acrylic + Aluminium

The print on acrylic + aluminium highlights the colors of your image. The photo on acrylic + aluminum is produced by laminating a printed vinyl film in-between a sheet of acrylic and an aluminum composite panel. This technology accentuates your picture turning it into a piece of art suitable for a gallery.

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Quality that wins people over!

First-class material

Our high-quality, specially hardened acrylic glass is suitable for both external and internal use.

Ground and polished

Our highly modernised, precise CNC milling techniques cut and grind your acrylic glass photo exactly according your specifications.

Modern HP latex inks

We print using solvent-free and environmentally friendly HP latex inks, which ensure a durable and razor sharp, lively print quality.

Service which satisfies!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Quality is our foremost concern. We produce our aluminium composite panels with extreme care and caution.

Secure delivery

Our products are all transport-insured, and when they reach your home they will be well-packed. With this, you can be sure of absolute buyer protection.

Quality at the best prices

Quality and favourable prices are not mutually exclusive; efficient working and production processes allow for both.

Best price guarantee – Photo on aluminium

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20 x 20 cm £ 12.00 £ 29.90 » order now
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40 x 30 cm £ 29.00 £ 54.90 » order now
40 x 40 cm £ 34.00 £ 59.90 » order now
60 x 30 cm £ 39.00 £ 64.90 » order now
60 x 40 cm £ 46.00 £ 69.90 » order now
60 x 60 cm £ 66.00 £ 99.90 » order now
75 x 50 cm £ 63.00 £ 109.90 » order now
80 x 40 cm £ 50.00 £ 89.90 » order now
80 x 60 cm £ 75.00 £ 119.90 » order now

When should I choose an aluminium print?

Aluminium print is the best choice for those seeking elegant and colourful prints to place on their walls. Even though aluminium printing acquires specific techniques, which gives them sharp and sleek look, aluminium photo prints will fit perfect in diverse interiors – bedrooms, offices etc. All you need to do before printing on aluminium is to find an image, which will fit the interior and then decide which would the best format for it. Sizes and formats are calculated based on the resolution of your image, in order to guarantee the best possible outcome. Upload your image and choose the best format and size for your wall!

Premium quality for your photo on aluminium

Our professionalism and printing experience ensure first quality with your aluminium photo. With our high-quality aluminium plate prints, your favourite motif will be printed on a high gloss vinyl and then applied evenly and precisely onto the aluminium composite panel. CNC milling techniques will cut and grind your photo on aluminium precisely. The upper and lower layers are made of fine aluminium, which ensures dimensional stability, while in between them lies a hard core made of black plastic, meaning that your photo will appear on aluminium with great ease. The printing procedure guarantees that your aluminium photo will feature genuine colour and vibrance as well as high-resolution, brilliant picture quality. The attained depth and the sheen effect are unmatched with this extravagant method.

Your photo on aluminium, carefully handled and controlled

The full satisfaction of our clients is our foremost priority. This means that we use only the most up-to-date, currently best technology in the production of your aliminium fine art print. Professional colour management and high-quality materials guarantee that your great aluminium photo will meet your specifications exactly. The particular constitution means that your extravagant aluminium photo is also resistant to moisture, which means that it is also an excellent decorative element for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as for external use. Also, each order, before it leaves our house, undergoes a quality control procedure: a final check for print quality, lamination and processing. This way, we guarantee a flawless, thoroughly convincing final product.

Your photo on aluminium, produced in an environmentally friendly manner

Protection of the environment is very close to our hearts, and it is a part of our business philosophy; which is why we use only „green“ i.e. eco-friendly power in the production of your aluminium photo – renewable resources such as wind power, hydropower and sun energy. Your aluminium photo is also manufactured in a way that ensures as little harmful emissions as possible and with the latest procedures, to prevent any real impact on the environment (or physical health). The special, careful processing guarantrees worry-free handling of your unique aluminium photo, so that it can also be safely located in e.g. children’s bedrooms.