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Excellent service, product & delivery. Would really recommend to all, Thank you for a perfect service!
Sally W., Nottingham

Thank you for your time and efforts, I appreciate it! The canvas looks amazing!
Terry J., Leeds

Excellent standard of service and the quailty of my panoramic canvas was very good indeed.
Gareth O., Newry

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Woman photography portrait printed in photo book

Create your photo book and tell your story

The photo book is a wonderful opportunity to store the most memorable and important moments of your life thus far, yet, unlike the traditional photo album, it does not require you an extra effort of printing out the pictures individually. The book itself provides an impressive range of available picture formats, allowing you to print photos in a size of the whole sheet. My-Picture puts you in the position of designer while providing the necessary tools to highlight the uniqueness of your story via fully customized photo book! Whether it’s the summer holidays of 2016 or the amazing concert performance you recently attended, the book is written and edited by you!

Keep the warmth in your heart during the dimness of late autumn evenings by reviewing the images captured during the last summer! Let yourself and your friends a refreshing and joyful path down the memory lane! Create a one of a kind book by choosing your favourite photo memories and assembling them in your preferred order! Photo book from My-Picture is a tasteful way of collecting the moments you hold to be the dearest to you!

Your photo book – the best of memories wrapped in a perfect binding!

Couple portrait photography printed in photo book

The photo book is the best way to preserve a special moment in time, whether it’s an amazing vacation adventure, the most romantic of weddings or any other touching moment of a true affection. Re-enact the story through your own perspective on the pages of the photo book! We offer nothing less than the highest quality, provided by innovative printing technologies that ensure high colour vibrancy and a modern overall look!

The fantastic premium class photographic paper provides an additional layer of sophistication. The book itself is carefully bounded by hands, a true stamp of a superior quality for some of the lowest prices seen on the market today!

Wedding photography in photo book

Your photo book – an effortless joy made in minutes

The comprehensive editing software provided by will help you to shape a photo book that’ll meet your aesthetic expectations. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the navigation will come off as effortless even for the users with a very little computer experience. Meanwhile, the range of creative possibilities is practically limitless. In comparison with the traditional photo map, each of your photos can be oriented differently to create a sense of movement. All that’s left is to add the most suitable background from our vast collection of templates or to use a picture from your own archives. Before the actual printing process, you can do the final adjustments, digitally improving your photos for the most optimal result. Changes made during the editing process can be saved at any time. What you get is an appealing photo book that will serve as a long-term investment of joy!

Our software offers a wide range of design possibilities:

New year's party photography in photo book
  • Cut, rotate and superimpose your photos
  • Fuse your photos together and add different frame patterns
  • Add special frame patterns such as the heart-shaped framing
  • Allows you to create transparent photos
  • Adjust individual photos by correcting the contrast and the intensity of colours
  • Set individual backgrounds using colours, templates or your own pictures
  • Add text remarks to make funny commentary about specific photos
  • Clipart patterns to add your photo book interesting accents
  • You are able to import photos from your Facebook and Flickr pages
  • You are free to share the finished photo book on your Facebook page

Please do not be deterred by the preview quality of the photos in your photo book project. The quality is lowered to assure faster loading times. During the printing process, only the original picture files will be used to deliver a photo book with the images of highest quality.

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