Photo taking habits Infographic reveals that

Birmingham is the party photography capital of the United Kingdom!

..and 5 other of the United Kingdom’s largest city’s photo taking habits

16.05.2016. United Arts GmbH has released an infographic revealing that art, pets, food and parties are some of the most popular subjects found in front of the lens of an average Brit.

A study, conducted by one of the global leaders in the field of customized wall art decorations, United Arts GmbH, indicates there are certain differences between certain United Kingdom cities. United Arts has analysed more than 100,000 photos taken from over 1,000,000 canvases printed and ordered via the website by the residents of three of the largest cities in the United Kingdom. The result is some rather interesting data on the most photographed subjects in the United Kingdom depending on what city (London, Birmingham or Glasgow) they came from!

Some rather interesting statistics:

  1. Food

    The public of Birmingham really appreciates good looking food. London, somehow, is rather shy, with a figure almost two times lower, while Glasgow gets it right and eats the food, instead of making it into a photo session!

  2. Art & Paintings

    Birmingham is the art photography capital of the United Kingdom, while Glasgow is obviously is not. And somehow, Londoners are also pretty behind, despite having such a great variety of museums to attend! What a surprising statistic!

  3. Nature & Landscapes

    Some of the most mountainous scenes are found in the vastness of Scotland. So it is quite confusing that only 3.60% of Glasgow’s public enjoys taking pictures of this natural beauty. This time, Londoners take the cake while Brummies also show their love for all things nature!

  4. Pets

    There is, however, a category in which Glasgow shines, and, in fact, nearly three times brighter than London and Birmingham! People of Glasgow really enjoy taking pictures of their pets!

  5. Architecture

    Glasgowians are also keen to take pictures of street view architecture! And, why not, they have a lot to admire! But the people of London and Birmingham could easily say the same, so what’s the deal here?

  6. Party

    One of the absolute favourites of all three cities is party-themed photography. Surprisingly, though, London is not on the top at first place. Birmingham steals the spotlight while Glasgow gives the capital a serious run for its money!

INFOGRAPHIC: Birmingham is the party photography capital of the United Kingdom!

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