Framed Photo in Gallery Quality

Sharp photo print in high-quality

Discover details you’ve never seen before. Your photo is digitally printed in razor-sharp resolution and brilliant colours, resulting in a print of stunning quality.

Passe-partout with oblique finishing

Each passe-partout is made out of high-quality white museum card stock. The oblique cut of each passe-partout is particularly outstanding, giving your photo depth and drawing the viewer’s eye to it.

Personalised decorative frames

Printed, framed, delivered – your gallery framed photo comes completely framed so you can hang it up from the moment you unbox it. Simply pick your favourite from a kaleidoscope of colour options. We make every frame by hand and top it with a crystal-clear acrylic glass pane. Your print is then dispatched to you in the trusted care of an insured logistics partner.

Decorative Gallery Frames with Passe-partout for your Photo

Your gallery framed photo comes with a high-quality solid frame. Select a colour that best fits your photo or lends it a pop of contrast. The perfect frame highlights your photo and transforms it into a real head-turner.

Pick the perfect frame from the multitude of options we have on offer, including stylish premium colours and warm wood tones.

Black glossy
Black matte
Walnut flair
Oak flair
Ash flair
Rosewood flair

Framed Corner

from £ 14.90 *

Production time about 5 days

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Gallery Framed Photo with Passe-partout

Your photo is digitally printed in vibrant colours and then mounted onto a custom-built frame, behind an individually-cut acrylic glass pane.

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